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  1. ahh...poker, i can totally understand that, im very mnuch addicted to the texas hold em app on myspace, i believe its the same one as on facebook, made by zynga...cant get enough of that game, even tho i suck at it...haha. look me up if ya want, im sinistrsorrow on myspace, aka thesinisterone. on gang wars too, now that damn game is addicting for how simple and stupid it is...but hey, it passes the time pretty good.
  2. and how does my simple rant about my crappy internet service turn into a 3 page thread of nonsense? lmao...im not complaining tho, so dont get the wrong idea here, i think its freakin hilarious! :2funny: oh this place is great, better than anything else on the web i tell ya.
  3. tagged and facebook huh....im truely sorry to hear that man...lmao....i tried tagged, didnt like it, and i will never try facebook, no offense to that site or anyone that uses it, i just have no interest....myspace does enough polluting of my brain...firefox, i love firefox, greatest thing to ever happen to the internet, except for the damn beta version i was running, kept crashing on me all the time, but oh well, still beats the hell outta IE and chrome in my opinion.
  4. thats the greatest thing i have read all day ryan...hope ya dont mind but i stole it and put it on my myspace....yeah i said myspace, the sespool of the internet i know...so shoot me...no seriously, shoot me. please.
  5. :haha: oh god...too funny...i think i just almost choked from laughin too hard!
  6. well im a little slow, i just stumbled upon that avatar yesterday...its still great tho, one of my favorites so far. and yes, a womans perogative, you damn women are always changing your minds...hey, another cookie!
  7. watch my ass? why...is it leaving me? or does it do tricks that im not aware of? i know it makes loud noises sometimes, but i didnt think it did anything else..
  8. pixie huh....the name sounds hot tho, i might just let her trap me...hahaha....
  9. oh my! thanks for the warning tommie...ill definately keep that in mind!
  10. insane you say? lol....i think i have a slight case of add, so its all good...hey, look, a cookie!
  11. awesome...glad you all approve of me! i feel so special now, and not styrophoam helmet on the short bus special either.
  12. yes, tony the tiger will be around for awhile, and losing way too much sleep....its all the sugar on them damn frosted flakes...them things are like crack coated flakes of corn...cant stay away from em!
  13. thats freakin hillarious man! sounds like something i would do! and yes, this site is very addicting, last night i ended up sittin on here for almost 5 hours, didnt realize till i noticed it was 5 am...but i just kept finding all this interesting and very funny stuff on here, i couldnt pry myself away, when i finally did it was almost daylight out again and then i ended up sleeping till 3pm...terrible...but very amusing.
  14. well im just wondering because i got the two modems sittin here. i dont geet my dsl turned on the 18th and im just curious if anyone knows anything about either one before i hook them up. but of coarse when i get my service turned on i will test them both here to see if there is any diff. the only thing i have come across so far after doing a bit of research is alot of ppl complaining about the motorola brand gettin really hot. and after looking at it i can see why, there is no ventilation on it, the siemens brand modem has all kinds of ventilation, but im not real sure if a hot modem has any
  15. though this tweak has been known for some time, i forgot about it till recently. i did this to my pc a while back and actually noticed about a 10% increase in speed with it. nice post for those that arent aware of it.
  16. thanks for the welcome...i like it here, although i must admit, i get lost reading all of what there is to read here and the next thing i know, i just spent like ALL day here...lol...but hey, its not like i have anything better to do right? and the info here is great and everyone seems cool as a polar bears toenail, so, thanks for the welcome and i look forward to learning alot more from this place. PEACE!
  17. ok ppl, ive read alot of usefull info on this site, you all seem to know alot more than i do, and thats hard for me to admit, but you all seem very informed about internet tweaking and equipment use....hopefully someone can answer this for me...i have 2 different dsl modems and am not sure what one to use or if it makes any difference at all. i have a motorola mstatea 2210-02-1022 dsl modem and a siemens speedstream 4100 dsl modem. is there any difference in performance from one to the other? does it make any diff at all as to what one i use? i consider myself to be pretty well self educated a
  18. well, hey everyone, just wanna say that this is a pretty cool site, lots of good info here, i just signed up today after being a guest for some time. and while im here id like to complain about my internet provider wich i will be leaving on thursday hopefully...im currently using centennial wireless so called high speed 3g internet..what a joke! when i test my speeds im lucky to get .15mbs download and the same for upload....its horrible! so in a few days att is gonna come out and hook me up with direct dsl, a 6mbs connection, hopefully its alot better than what im on now, its the fastest they
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