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  1. safe trip indeed....and i hope Bubba aint too rough on him when he makes him his man-bride....
  2. some ppl man...i tell ya....i know my keyboard sometimes suffers from turrets syndrome which causes me to type some pretty strange stuff sometmes, but to openly talk about stealing internet, WTF?
  3. i dont think some ppl actually read all the posts...they just talk to talk...makes em feel special i think...ive noticed more than once where ppl will repeat what has already been said...makes em feel important.
  4. so i havent actually shut my computer off for over 6 months, it runs constantly, i do periodic restarts, like when an installation insists on restarting my system, but i dont ever shut my computer off, it runs all day and all night, and my media player is constantly going, i listen to music ALL THE TIME, even when i sleep, if there is no music, i get no sleep. so my question is, is this bad for my computer to leave it on constantly? i leave part of the case off to keep it kinda cool, but i dont know if it actually helps anything.
  5. hmm....300 bucks kinda limits your choices when youre talkin about needeing a new deck(cd player) and speakers and possibly a sub for which you would also need an amp....if this is your first car system, i would try looking in pawn shops for a decent deck, and best buy sells some pretty decent speaker/amp packages, but they dont hold up to high volume for very long, ive blown more speakers from best buy than i care to admit...
  6. modem capping? well, from looking at your speeds, im interested to know more about that...your speeds dont look very stable, but way better than mine...i see some inconsistancies in your speed tests, but i would take that over mine any day! although i am happy with what i get for speed, but you know, if there is a way to get more, then show me!
  7. so, your neighbor is an employee, and you pay nothing....is it legal...legit?
  8. yeah but from looking at your member stats roger, you only get those outrageous speeds from the mirror test...something dont seem right....but that would be damn nice!
  9. i never tried using encryption...my brother tried an encrypting program, it killed his download speeds tho, so i guess its hit or miss when it comes to that? and yeah, ive read that frequent torrent downloading can be real hard on a harddrive....me personally, im using a 7 year old computer and harddrive with no problems...
  10. not true, this site seems to be lasting...haha...could be due to the lack of illegal activities going on here though...
  11. it all depends on the person you ask. i personally use utorrent, never tried bitcomet, tried azureus for about 10 minutes before i decided it sucked, too many flashing ads and stuff i dont need on it, i like bittorrent and utorrent the best. and about the ports, if you go to the options tab, click on speed guide there is an option to change the port number and also an icon to click that will check to see if your port is forwarded properly. you might need to also tell your firewall what port number its using so the firewall doesnt block that port. and i was the one that said something about dow
  12. im glad i never had an account on there, i tried to create one some time ago, but for some reason it wouldnt let me, but hey, at least i have nothing to worry about. still a damn shame to see such a great site go down.
  13. a bring back xp campaign...not a bad idea...but windows 7 is coming soon and from what ive seen of it, it looks well worth switching to when it does arrive, ive played around a bit with the release candidates and they are pretty slick.
  14. a tragedy really....the pirate bay was a GREAT site....lots of good stuff could be found on there, and contrary to the popular belief, it wasnt all illegal to download, lots of great freeware and shareware and open source software could be found there. luckily there are alternative sites that are just as good, you just gotta know what to look for.
  15. hey, i said it was a dinosaur....haha...but the darn thing has been good to me, it never gives me any crap, and its the only computer ive ever owned that has lasted more than a year without pooping out on me. and obsolete or not, when youre on a budget like me, not many other options. and i can get motherboards and cases together from michigan state university for 20 bucks, they have this way cool surplus store...i built my mom a decent lil computer for under 80 bucks with parts from there.
  16. or just a replacement motherboard for this dinosaur that im on now. one with working agp slots. but if i replace the motherboard, how do i know what socket my processor is? according to my system information, my processor is - x86 family 15 model 2 stepping 9...its an intel celeron 2.4 ghz...dont know if that helps any...
  17. illegal....call it what you want...doesnt stop me though, just thought i would add that part in there.....can you guess where i got my copy of windows xp pro? lmao.......i am in no way condoning the acts of piracy, so dont take it the wrong way....
  18. out of the 3643 seeds, how many were actually connected? and what was the availability of the torrent you were after? if the availability is below 1.0 you will not be able to download, and if you put a limit on your upload speed, it will in turn effect your download speeds in a negative way. make sure you have your upload and download set to unlimited, and make sure you actually have seeds that are connected, downloading from just peers will get you nowhere, you will all be sharing partial downloads and it will never finish. oh and be careful downloading copyrighted material, use common
  19. hmm....well look what i just found about some ibm models... As IBM says: Some system boards ship with the AGP slot disabled and plugged. These slots have been disabled at the chipset level and do not work. The plugs should not be removed. mine was one of the plugged ones, so i guess its just not useable. i got some words for them ppl at ibm that i probably cant say here...
  20. well it is the friendliest place ive been to...mighty nice and mighty helpful ppl on this site i must say...and you get paid for that? hey, i can advertise too, and i wouldnt charge much...haha...im cheap, a bottle of faygo moon mist and a single cigarette would keep me happy.
  21. man i love how fast i get responses on this site...you guys are fast! so, if i go into my bios, what do i look for to enable the agp slot? im not totally computer illiterate, i just dont do much playing in the bios, and in order to enable it, do i first need something plugged into it or can i just enable it for future use? and if it helps any, im on an ibm thinkcentre, made in 2002 i believe, pushing dinosaur status, but its the only computer ive ever owned that has lasted more than 1 year or so without pooping out on me.
  22. so in a case like mine, im running an old ibm computer, intel celeron 2.4 ghz processor, 1 gb ram and only onboard graphics, can someone recommend a good but fairly cheap video card that i can get to run windows 7? my pc only has pci slots, not the newer pci express, i tried using the win 7 release candidate and it didnt like my onboard video so everything was way too big, but other than that it seemed like it would run fine on my computer, i just need to upgrade my graphics. so can anyone recommend a decent and fairly cheap vidoe card that is win 7 compatible thats not pci express? i say fair
  23. yeah, what they said....oh wait, im the one that was asking the question here...
  24. sbc global dry loop dsl....45 bucks a month, no contract or long term commitment, im happy with it. advertised as 6mbps down and 637kbs up. not bad. could be cheaper in my opinion but oh well. with poor credit i cant ask for much better.
  25. firefox is my only browser...got rid of IE...and for those pesky sites that dont like firefox (microsoft) well i just switch my user agent and get around that.
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