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  1. well im not the expert here....just a site user like yourself, but those numbers dont look too far off from what youre paying for...but stick around, lots of friendly and knowledgeable folks here that can help you out more than i can.
  2. umm....im not sure im the guy to ask that...but it helps if we know what package you have, what your advertised speeds are and what youre actually getting. run a dual speed test here, and post your results along with what your advertised speeds are. im sure someone here can help you out.
  3. yes, it is just personal preference...nothing more, at least on my end...and lovely ladies? they are all lovely and beautiful in my eyes man!
  4. maybe im just weird...in fact i know im weird....but i just started using safari 4, i like it alot. i am very un happy with the new firefox, and seem to like this safari 4 a bit more. as much as it hurts me to bad mouth firefox, the new version is horrible in my opinion. it doesnt load pages right for me, and it keeps locking up on me, im not having any of these problems with safari...so untill they fix FF, im a safari user now.
  5. so, i just got done, im running avira, threatfire, and zone alarm...found 2 trojans...comodo missed em....thanks for the input guys. wth is that? haha...sorry, but ive never heard of that....
  6. haha...HYPNO-TOAD! thats awesome man! i remember that from futurama...great stuff...and thanks to you too zalternate...im gonna go ahead and remove my comodo, reinstall just the firewall part of it, and then try some of these other free virus protection programs out. but im still curious about kasperkey...does anyone use it? i know its not free, but i have a copy, but i wonder if anyone uses it and if its reliable and user friendly?
  7. cool, thanks for that...im downloading the both of those, and im gonna check that site you listed also, but are those just virus protection programs, or do they offer firewall protection as well? and im guessing that i should probably remove comodo internet security before installing the two programs you reccommended? and if the two programs dont have firewall protection, what would you reccommend as far as a good firewall? i dont trust the windows firewall too much...i dont trust anything about windows too much...haha...but thanks again, im trying them out and ill let ya know how i like them
  8. im hoping to get some suggestions and maybe some links from you all about some of the reliable and trust worthy and FREE anti-spyware and anti-virus programs that are out there. im currently only using comodo internet security, i am happy with the firewall end of comodo, but am a bit unsure about the virus protection it offers. recently i have noticed a decline in my computers performance and i fear i may be infected with malware or spyware. ive tried the trend micro housecall, and dont like the slowness of it, i dont enjoy sitting on trends website forever waiting for it to do its thing, i wo
  9. so yeah, i just let it sit for a while, it started working again....man i hate dell computers....but thanks guys. weird tho, ive never done anything like that, so i didnt know what to expect. it was my moms computer, her cat knocked her coffee over and dumped it on the keyboard....i think thats why we were taught at a young age not to have food or drink near electronics...
  10. i would love to do that, but without a way to work the keyboard or the mouse im not sure about the actual way to go about that....
  11. i have a computer here....someone spilled coffee on the keyboard....now the keyboard and mouse stopped working. i switched both the keyboard and the mouse with other workings ones and still they dont work. any ideas? i think the jacks on the back of the pc are fried, i just dont wanna admit that yet.
  12. ok i got some noob like questions before i get too deep into this VM stuff. a virtual machine is only as good as the physical machine right? and when using the virtual machine, does it take up space on my real hard drive when i save files in the virtual machine? or is it a virtual hard disk? and is it possible to transfer files from virtual machine to physical machine or vise versa? sorry if i seem like a noob, but like i said, i have no experience in VM, but wm trying it out, and i dont want to get too far ahead of myself.
  13. cool thanks mudman, ill check that out. that ought to give me something to do for a lil while today.
  14. well i have alot of free time on my hands and im curious about virtual machines. ive done a little bit of reading on them and it sounds kinda neat...yes, i just said neat...so im curious and would like to mess around with some virtualization. can anyone recommend a VM program thats not too complicated for a guy like myself with no experience in machine virtualization? i have no specific reason for wanting to play around with this stuff, im just curious and wanna check em out, see what its all about, i like to play with different types of software now and then. i just recently discovered Daemon
  15. wow...i was reading this thread the other night, good to see that someone brought it back from the dead, lots of great pics in here. so, i might as well add my fugly mug to this wall of shame, i mean fame...lol...so here i am! and keep in mind, i never made any claims that i was good lookin....hahaha...no claims, i just know that im good lookin!
  16. wasted power usage? wtf you talkin bout? i have no life man...im on this thing constantly! and thanks for the little environmental advise.... ill keep that in mind...
  17. hey i ws a kid then, i mean a little kid...and they were free in the cereal box, i didnt think that far ahead, if it quit workin, i tossed it aside and found a new toy...usually an empty cardboard box, those were my favorite, id sit in em and scoot around the house...oh wait, ive said too much now...
  18. yeah i figured that out right after i responded to this thread...damn fakers! post some real scores! quit perpetrating! damn posers!
  19. a kid? yeah some may say so...im 28, feel like im 48 sometimes.
  20. wow...Wall Walkers! i remember playing with those when i was a kid! those things were awesome, for about ten minutes anyway, till they got all covered in crud...yeah i played with em...im a product of the 80s...
  21. so it looks like i have a new business idea...who wants a pet dust monster? ill let him go for cheap!
  22. hey i never thought of that, he would make a great pet too, doesnt need much attention, no food, and no poop to clean up...it could be the next pet rock...didnt the guy that came up with the pet rock make a good amount of money off that idea?
  23. as long as its legal i mean...im not into scamming on internet providers or anything like that.
  24. blow the dust out you say....so i need to get rid of the 7 year old dust monster that lives in my computer? i named him larry and everything...man, i guess its time to throw larry out the door...
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