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  1. i used to play desert storm but now noone that i know of plays that either, -billybob
  2. if nothing else will work then try using ad aware 6SE. but since you said you used ad aware i don't know because it has always helped me. hope you get it figured out -billybob
  3. i just changed my screensaver to where it shows the time (i am using xp home) but ever sice i did that now my screensaver won't even work. i tried changing my screensaver and none of the options of screensavers will come on. it is just a black screen after about 30minutes(which i have my screensaver to come on after 15 minutes) please help if you can -billybob12345
  4. just asking about that...................... what is up with that comment? and why? lol
  5. i was just looking at the topic of desktop backgrounds and saw some icons for games. myself i dont' have many pc games because my pc isn't mainly for gaming but anyways,,,,, what kind of games do you all out there usually play online,,, just wondering
  6. i have been thinking about getting gmail but never got around to it. i guess i need to make an account!
  7. cool i just got rid of dial up so i am glad to get past 1mbps too
  8. i got about 2mb i am getting cablenut soon though
  9. thanks i will check these sites out
  10. does anyone know of any good sites where i can get good video clips (that don't have viruses or spyware or anything like that) besides on www.stupidvideos.com
  11. thanks for the tips and i willtry out cablenut! thanks again for the help
  12. i have heard good and bad things about both of these which one of these (if either one) might be safer and better to boost my connection speed??
  13. they are really nice for home pc users, but i agree with whoever said it would be cheaper to build ur own pc
  14. i don't know why anyone would pay that much for a t1 connection because i have cable and i have been getting better than 1.5mb .
  15. i would rather have a desktop for gaming and surfing the net. but for office work or something a laptop is good to use. i just don't know why people would want to play games on a laptop i would rather over all just get a desktop.
  16. :shock:what are you talking about connection speed and computer speed matters to me at least but for someone with dial up yeah i do fell srry for them but they should care about speed
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