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  1. i don't know why i'm saying this cause i'm leaving testmy forever! but...... just do this to make it a perfectly good site....... get mods that actually help when asked to..... do that...and BAM! perfect site
  2. ...i just got an oppion...that's all i wanted...i just want now that it be removed please
  3. hey man....i dont have avast...and also....does it make only avast go crazy cause if it's only avast...then yea i'm not worried about it...and i already have programs that i have from microsoft and they show up as threats...so yea i'm used to it.....but thanks for the advice
  4. school sucks now a days especially since you can say the word bomb and get kicked out...but yet the teachers (at least in my school) say stuff like that all the time
  5. cool. thnx hey. by the way...the images don't show up on the site
  6. hey organ shifter, what if i want to use a pic. that i have on my comp. can i? or do i have to use one from the program its self.
  7. yea i gave up on gunzonline....i will download it some other time...i have a 1.5mb connection and it was giving me 4.6 anyways....post if you want to play on a private server with me and another testmy member, MarkX.... plz
  8. http://www.download.com/Starsiege-Tribes-full-install/3000-7453_4-10294999.html?tag=lst-0-1 this is from the cnet download page....it's completely free by the way don't even have to register..... by the way..after you install ...google the search for a patch 1.11 for starsiege tribes. if the game doesn't work right...
  9. anyone play this game? it's a free game...just download it and install it.... it's awesome and a great fps....and if you download it and want to play on a private server with me and a friend...PM me....
  10. k thnx...but if it slows down your computer...i'll just stick with my default setup
  11. how do ichange boot screens for when i logg on to my comp. and stuff?
  12. one of the most accurate meters that i know of... is the DUMETER ...after a 30 day trial it won't work.. though. but it's one of the best meters that i know of
  13. lol fastest fix for internet...don't use it....use firefox!!!
  14. FIREFOX....well lol you can just see which i prefer...by my avatar and sig
  15. i love the fruitcake lady where someone says "dear fruitcake lady, i love my boss but he's already married to someone else. what should i do?" and the fruitcake lady says "well i think his wife outta come out there and beat the (censored) out of you!"
  16. wow that's alot on yahoo! great find. i'll check most likely all of them out ... i'm saving some of them...dang....and they are like 100mb lol...oh well thats why i love broadband
  17. thanks all...... .and i guess i should have figured to go there first //edit... the videos won't load for me..... my DU meter says like 25kbps thats' the highest it's gone...it usually is at like 1.7mbps stupid site...
  18. has anyone heard of the fruitcake lady? ...if so you probly agree she is pretty funny.... does anyone have the fruitcake lady or triumph the insult comic dog video clips? i had one of each but can't seem to find them....if anyone has some or knows where to watch them for free....lemme know plz
  19. i agree, i use firefox as my default browser and probly won't use ie unless i absolutely have to ps...i also use thunderbird for my emails
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