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  1. can i dl it from my computer (this one) and have it on a disc to take to the other computer?
  2. i can't force it to boot up normally...i was told that i would have to reload the drivers off the disk..... .. or they also said. that i would need a new video card this is why i don't use this computer... i will try to reinstall the drivers but it will take a while because it's not MY computer. the person that owns it may not have the drivers disk ... is there anything i can do untill i am told i can use the drivers disk.
  3. nope... it didn't work... have any other ideas......... plz?
  4. ok thnx.... i'll post back in a few minutes. sorry about the stupid questions..
  5. just delete them...... then what.
  6. i have another computer that is stuck in safe mode...i attached a screenshot of the device manager...what do you guys think it is??? the computer runs on windows 98se and it's a gateway 2000.... i haven't used the computer in a while and it starts in safe mode when i turn it on now... could it be the drivers or what....maybe the video card.....? how do i tell.? edit// i also forgot to add... i can't do any online checking.. it has no internet access to it...
  7. you quoted adam savage if i'm correct.
  8. anyone watch tv in winamp........i was searching some shows yesterday and every server i went to would say "buffering 0%" and either never move from there even if i left it or it would start then stop at about 50-60% of the way.......any one know why.... edit// i guess not....
  9. not sure what to say but i uninstalled it and it worked fine....nothing was left. but what has happened to you happened to me with two games after i got rid of americas army... i ran system restore because i created a restore point before i got rid of it..then tried again and the games uninstalled right. because that was the only thing that would work for me to get rid of them
  10. does anyone have the icq ? if so is it any good and is it worth downloading
  11. well what the heck did you expect....
  12. i have 640... because i got tired of running xp home with only 128mb of ram so i bought 512 more
  13. i have a ps1 and a gamecube. but i am usually on my computer
  14. i use zome alarm.... and i also have the tea timer thing activated on my spybot s&d i dl zone alram from cnet
  15. yea i signed up for the newletters and after a week i had more junk mail from her than actuall emails from my 11 email adresses but some of them actually had good info.
  16. yep that's about it.... i don't get it, if a test is cached why do the people wanna argue that it's not? oh well it's not my problem.
  17. when you posted this i sent it to my friends and he said he actually used it for some saftey procedure or something :haha:
  18. has anyone ever heard of this radio show?
  19. thanks....i just started to learn html. i got some try out "pages" done from notepad.... i got the idea from reading a thread where someone suggested a site called w3schools.... they show step by step what to type.
  20. thanks so it would look like this when i finished ........
  21. it should give you the type of ram you need but what do you mean by brand..you mean what company that makes the ram? if so i got some from different brands than my original stick of ram because it was cheaper...and it works fine because i also bought a 512 because i only had 128
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