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  1. has anyone been to this site...it's awesome free radio stations from basically the whole usa. it's cool i listen to serious comedy radio. here is the link. http://www.live365.com/listen/ or you just go to www.live365.com then at the top there is a tab labled "listen" just click on that.
  2. thnx it updated. and i will use punkbuster now
  3. what is the punkbuster thing that you can enable....becuasei can't use it...it won't let me use it because it needs updated. and it won't let me update it so i have to find servers that don't use punkbuster. that is hard since most of them use punkbuster. any help would be appreciated . thnx. :o what is punkbuster?
  4. i played it and on the training i got an average of 80% i think on the medic tests and did good on taking the other trianing tests...i think it could help you some in real life but to say the least this is a great game.......and it works fine on my pc...but i did have to set on setting on the video from high to normal still looks fine though
  5. where do you get the ff pics. i would like to use some of them but i don't know where to get them from
  6. i was told you could change the boot up and shutdown screens to what ever that i want.........is this possible.... because i don't like the screens that are default on them.........
  7. thnx i am dl it now and it will take a while..... my connection is only at 1.7mb second. but oh well my cap is supposed to be 1.5mb i haven't tweaked it either... anyways thnx. and my computer has 640mb of ram it's a celeron 1.7ghz do you think it will work fine on my system too. hope so!
  8. will someone post up a hyperlink to the site where i can dl it for free...i understand the whole game is free right? anyways what do i click on or something to dl it?
  9. does it take that good of a system to play on?
  10. i have a 17" and it is at 1024x768...been thinking of changing it to 1280x960 or 1280x1024.....but oh well i'll probly leave it at 1024x768
  11. actually it boosted my cable connection up 10kbps
  12. the pc game called americas army.....i been thinking about getting it.... check it out and see if you think i should....from wat i see it's free tell me if you see otherwise but check it out and tell me what you think....plz http://www.americasarmy.com billybob12345
  13. thnx i now have ZA, spybot s&d, and with my spybot s&d i got a thing where it's down in my task bar and asks me stuff that ZA won't........ and of course i got my avg free. btw i haven't had avg for a while. and i remember that it had update problems a while ago is everything fixed on that..... anyways i like avg and za combo works great
  14. my zone alarm has an antivirus program built into it but i dont like it so could i disable that and keep zonealrm for the firewall and get avg free for my antivirus or would they counteract and not do anything......... just curious since i like avg for antivirus and ZA for firewall
  15. i clean out my inbox every once in a while and i got rid of it by accident...but tht's ok i got it again now.
  16. but if i reformat couldn't i do it like that?..... i checked this site out but it didn't load....
  17. thnx also i reformatted and partitioned my hard drive....and i don't like it like this how do i fix it....... reformat again? help......i know that i will screw something up when i reformat myself...(just how my luck goes)
  18. i just reformatted and forgot about my messages in outlook express . now i don't have them...is there any way i can get them back.....it's nothing important but i just figured it was worth a shot to try and get them back......
  19. family member......(has about 30 speed test sites under the favorites list) i like this one best
  20. it's not in my inbox becuase when i got it pmed to me the text was so small i ha dto copy and paste it into word pad and i saved it in that but now i have lost it since the last time i reformatted my pc....this time i want to make sure that i have it i think i have it but i want to make sure because i have so much stuff written down i can't remember since i didn't label it like i usually do
  21. someone pmed me a while back with a number to register the dumeter...and i am gonna reformat tomorrow and i lost the number so i forgot who pmed it to me but i need it if you read this
  22. ok i will try those...but i don't like zone alarm myself...it's bad for me...it keeps asking if i want to block stuff that i install....well i installed it so no i don't want it blocked.......
  23. is there anyone out there who has a firewall that they dl for free from a site or some kind of firewall that is free that anyone out there uses....i was thinking about a firewall that i can just install....like a freeware type one that is any good......
  24. i have been thinking of getting a new browser....what all is there that you would reccomend..... right now i have ie and have the installer to ff but i haven't installed it because i was thinking about just getting mozilla suite thing that they have on the mozilla site......but what other browsers are there that you are using...
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