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  1. last night we lit so many fireworks and rockets that the fire dept. was called and there were about 3 fire trucks and 2 cops.... :haha:
  2. but yea he got it all figured out....and he said he's just going to wait and go to our local pc shop (what a geek) and have them just build him a custom gaming pc and he will jsut pick stuff out and pay for it.......thnx yeah my everest shows the temp.....so your's doesn't???? wonder why.....
  3. thanks for the help and btw i asked him to get everest to show me (since i like everest more than pcpitstop) and he said ok....and he asked me what cpu usage was.....just from that i doubt he will be able to do anything....he also said that if i had a ps1 system he could turn it into a pc faster than most of todays pentium 4's.........
  4. al right so i just will take out the 128 and put in in the second slot intstead of the first slot and the new 512 in the first where the 128 was? i can do that..........hey btw when (if) you read this reply this is sorta funny...........i got a buddy who wants to build his new computer so i told him all about this site sooooooo.........he said i will go there most likely but first i have to build my motherboard and he said he is gonna build the video cards and everything even the 10/100 pci ethernet card so he can use his cable modem (or at least i think he said he was gonna build a 10/100) i even tried to tell him you can't build yourself a videocard or ethernet card but he said he can......
  5. do you mean halo combat evolved for pc? because you should be able to get it for about 20 dollars at a walmart near you...........or at least that is what it is on sale in my town for.........if they even sell it in your town :haha:
  6. ok.................i ordered it and i had a computer person w/ me and he said it was the right kind.......thanks for all of your help people and tell me wat you tink about the memory i ordered http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16820141173
  7. thanks and yea i do have a 4500s because everytime i try to tell someone that (not this occasion though ) they ask me if i am sure like 5 times to see if i do have a 4500s and not a 4500..but i will try out the sites
  8. you know that is the answer that explains alot (or at least to me) and cholla have you gotten any ideas on which tests i could run? btw cholla you have been a great help too
  9. like what....all i got is a full test at pcpitstop (doesn't show much) and my dell manual that came with the pc doesnt say........well it doesn't say anything usefull......but reccomend something that will tell about my pc and i will try it and post but other than that not too sure
  10. so what if i get 2 256 mb sticks that are pc2100 (266MHz) would that work edit/ or would it hurt to get a 266 and have it run at 133 what would that mean? wouldn't it still run and show that i have a 128 and a 512 or what .........first time i have upgraded this pc and it sucks so far
  11. so i take it they are compatable or what? i dont' want to buy this then have it burn out you know what i mean?
  12. my dl speed is 99.9% consistent it almost always says 1634 so yeah mine is fine btw i use ff
  13. from www.kahlon.com it says this RAM type - DDR DIMM Form factor - 2.5 Volts, Proprietary Design Storage capacity - 512 MB Technology - DDR DIMM Access time- PC2100 (266 MHz) Slot(s) required- 1 Data integrity check - non-Registered, non-ECC Performance - 100% Compatibility Guaranteed Warranty/Service / Support - Lifetime warrant edit the last time i can buy the ram is probly tonight also........
  14. what is the site to get everest................
  15. i didn't get everest but i have looked at a full test on pcpitstop and also the crucial scan from http://www.crucial.com and it said that this was the kind to get and also it says that for dell....but i will try the site you posted and we will see if it's the right kind, and i will post back soon edit// here is what it said.... the same as what i got but at least i know for sure almost now...... here is the results http://www.kahlon.com/itemdetailpg.asp?itemid=87013
  16. i have question.............newegg.com said that the specs for my ram would have to be as posted when i posted the specs last time (or whenever it's up there ) anyways the only difference instead of being * Configuration: 32Meg x 64 like i posted it is 64meg x 64 on a 512.....which was what the 32 x 64 is for off of newegg.com .........but here is my question if i get info on a 256mb stick of ram on dell is 32meg x 64 so what does that mean? which is right wouldn't i be safe to get a 512 from newegg that has 32meg x 64? since it says 32meg x 64 on dell for one.....but then again it says 64meg x 64 on another and they are both supposed to be for my system because i typed everything in for my pc (it's a dell dimension 4500S series) and those were the choices it brought up... i hope that i haven't screwed with anyones head in this question but i'm tired and i really need help........not a good combination when asking for computer help
  17. i agree because i use photobucket and i have about 50 pics on there....they even let you load .gifs (animations like in mine and netmasta's sig)
  18. i got my fastest speeds when i wasnt a member to this site way back when i only supposed to get 15.mb dl connection and i got a 2.5mb..........but anyways here i am today and yes i use cablenut :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 1631 Kbps about 1.6 Mbps (tested with 1496 kB) Download Speed is:: 199 kB/s Tested From:: https://testmy.net/ (server2) Test Time:: Mon Jun 27 2005 13:54:49 GMT-0500 (Central Standard Time) Bottom Line:: 29X faster than 56K 1MB download in 5.15 sec Diagnosis: May need help : running at only 67.31 % of your hosts average (cableone.net) Validation Link:: https://testmy.net/stats/id-T8ZJ1DIAG
  19. lol i think newegg is best i mean...........yeah tigerdirect has better prices on some stuff but after seeing what kind of products they sent to people that i know around where i live i don't think their products are good..........may have just been a mess up that one time but i thing newegg still is the best.............that is my oppinion and you have yours.................................
  20. actually from the reviews from the sites newegg is cheaper for the one that i want and the reviews are better.........but from crucial is how i did figure out hw to see what kind of memory i needed i will give them that credit.....here are the specs * Module Size: 256MB * Package: 184-pin DIMM * Feature: DDR PC2100 * Configuration: 32Meg x 64 * DIMM Type: UNBUFFERED * Error Checking: NON-ECC * Speed: DDR266 * Voltage: 2.5V * Memory Timings: CL=2.5 * Specs: DDR PC2100
  21. sorry about not replying with an answer but i thought this problem was supposed to be fixed for everyone????
  22. i finally figured out which kind of ram to buy for my pc ........it says on this link.... http://www.crucial.com/store/partspecs.asp?imodule=CT3264Z265&WSMD=CT3264Z265&WSPN=CT3264Z265 now that i know is there anyone that knows which site i could get these off of out of the following : http://www.newegg.com http://www.tigerdirect.com http://www.crucial.com ? just curious
  23. yeah that sounds like a good deal and btw if you do get a hd make sure it's at least 7200RPM because my hd is the originall that came with this pc and it is only a 5200RPM and i would now recommend a at least 7200RPM
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