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  1. an easy way to do this is get everest home edition and install it...it's free and it tells you basically what ever you need to know about your computer.....or this doesn't help much but go to www.crucial.com and they have a scanner that you download and it tells you what memory you should get...i would first go with everest...it's a great free program hope that helped
  2. i have had 2 of those pranks from that site pulled on me.. the blue screen of death and the dreaded windows deletion......but at first i was mad because i figured my crappy comp. crashed but then i found out it was a trick.....still wasn't funny though well i guess now looking back at it , it is kind of but it sucked at the time
  3. i think it's called simple machines. has anyone used it?
  4. i saw some replies to threads where people had a a link to a site but instead of the name of the site it had "click here" and when you click on that it brought you to the site. just wondering what code do i use to make a hyperlink like that.
  5. no problem. i had some viruses and i went to the trend micro site and i'm all good now too
  6. you can also read through this thread and it has some good stuff about what you need
  7. i have a dell and a gateway 2000.....the gateway has a burned out video card though
  8. wow long explination and lol to you bwt
  9. is there any way i can see what size my mother board is....? i was told to find out if my computer had a mid or full size atx motherboard......how do i check...i do have everest home edition..... can someone help? plz
  10. i reinstalled spybot s&d th other day and after it finished installing it asked me if i wanted something called teatimer or something like that.....now i have a box in my taskbar and everytime something tries to change a registry it asks me if i want it to...does anyone else have this? between this and zomealrm i don't think that it lets much at all get by. because now i can't even change my homepage without it asking me if i'm sure i want to
  11. thanks...i have used this site before...i wish it was more up to date but oh well.....it's still a good site
  12. i just decided to go through with...phpbb....one of my buddies has a forum on it.(the hyperlink to his is in my sig) and i am an admin there because we share the same account. but after i hit register on mine....i figured well noone will really be in it so i will just wait untill this next summer and someone i know is coming down and help me make one so really i went with noone
  13. what is a good FREE site to make a forum.................... because i can't do javascript very well...... edit////forget that up top there.........i got it....i just need a new name for it
  14. what is a good ping speed to have while playing online games....i can get up past 600 if the server is high speed reccomendations but is it a good speed or what? i think it's good right?
  15. i can barely get to B .... but you don't have to do all of the training to play online with other people....the only thing you don't get to do is play a few maps and not be able to use the sniper rifle or gun mods....but it's still really fun....
  16. i love this game but after playing for a while i decided that since i only did my marksman and medic training i would go back and do the sf training. ...i passed the written test portion of it...but i keep getting caught in the second part where you have to crawl through enemy camps without getting caught.........how do i get past this one? anyone that plays this game help plz.!!!!!!!!
  17. same heere and i like it even better when it's free!!!! lmao
  18. i just hit refresh and when the play lists load again i try to play another family guy episode then it usually works...but sometimes it takes about a minute to load then it's great........i love free family guy
  19. it's free and i can watch the simpsons and family guy for free :haha: i love winamp
  20. i was using real player v. 10 and sometimes media player 9 (i didn't like media player 10 very much) now i think i will use this more than them both........ :D they have comedy tv right? i like comedy more than most other stuff.
  21. the internet tv is free?????????????? cool is everything free that came with winamp like the radio and tv......that's cool
  22. i know free sites to make a web site. and a free site to make a forum. forum site is......
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