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  1. ive been seeing a lot of ISPs increasing the download/upload on their customers connection.
  2. ive prolly read the story about 100x times so far, its so freakin' funny! lmao i still laugh everytime i read it
  3. i hate when ppl come on saying look at my speed and all they post is cached tests...
  4. yah, sometimes it is the NIC card, ive blown probably about 5 NICs and 2 routers.. i would transfer files throughout my LAN and sometimes the NIC would start going faster than it was capable of (like i have a 100mbit NIC in and then transfers would hit 155mbit and then everything would crash, the NIC and the port on the router i was using, suprisingly, the NIC on the comp i was sending to didnt crash, but i had to restart its comp). i hate when that happens..im running out of NICs and money :
  5. somehow i figured this was a UK ISP when i saw i upgraded to 2mb.. any viruses or spyware on your comp? give some comp specs to try going to start - run - cmd and then do tracert testmy.net and paste results
  6. if you dont know how to work hijack this, YOU COULD SCREW YOUR COMP UP. if your basic at comps DO NOT USE IT
  7. you got that fast with rr? somethign isnt right there...might be cached...
  8. http://www.misec.net/products/TrojanHunter.exe try that and tell me if that link works, im at school and it wouldnt let me open it so i do not know if it is a valid link or not.
  9. search for a program called Trojan Hunter Gold and download and install it, then run it and it should get it. after its gone uninstall it or disable it or w.e u want to do. if your computer is older and u have it constantly scanning then it slows your comp down a LOT (well for me it did, i tested on a couple of my comps and it always slowed the older ones down [900Mhz or lower])
  10. you might be on a 10mbit line, not sure tho, lucky bastard try a upload test
  11. no, Skoal is dip (chewing tobacco and dip are 2 diff things) and Skol is a type of Vodka. i wanted some vanilla stoli to mix w/ coke, heard it was good, but idk where to get that. i cant just go and ask my uncle and aunt to get some vodka cause then they know i steal all their alcohol for some reason they never notice...
  12. lmao nice - im only 15 so i steal my uncle's vodka and w./e else he has =P
  13. ive been wondering this...but do you HAVE to use some kind of router on FiOS? can u use a switch instead? or just directly hook up one comp to the FiOS w/o a router?
  14. yah, vodka for me..Skol is the best. i put vodka in a cup w/ water and then i put gatorade mix in it and mixed it up and had vodka gatorade...mmm tasty lol
  15. i think there is 1500 kids in my school, but not sure on that though and tons of kids are always online and downloadin crap
  16. pretty good speed there pal.. if ur friend has done that thing yet..let us see a upload test
  17. when i used to have comcast my modem was a motorola sb5100 or something like that..not sure, i switched to sbc a year a go...i shouldnt have ever switched :
  18. how many comps is there on the school network? it very well might be a t1, my school (which im at right now, and im skipping my 3rd hour so i can play on the comps ) has a t1 (im pretty sure) i dont usually upload higher than 120kb/s and download at 120kb/s (cause so many comps are online w/ ppl etc. )
  19. usually people who ddoes or dos are just lame-ass script kiddies with rbot or some other botnet...they dont even take the time to figure out how that kinda stuff works.
  20. arent they going to need all new cable modems to? i didnt think cable modems that comcast uses now can handle up to 14mbps down 4mbps up? i can see 8mbps down 2up but..idk
  21. my dad was in iraq and he had dial up, well the server he dialed into crashed about every half hour so internet sucked in iraq for him
  22. its also amoazing how stupid people are and have weak passwords for a admin acct. or some other acct. on their comp and then some1 just net use IPc$ /user:[username] [password] and then just copy simple files over (IRoffer, ftp server, or some other mirc script to run as a bot) then using psexec to start a .bat and then everything is run thru services with firedaemon. i like learning about network security and learnign things like this i think is interesting. i set up a test windows 2000 profesional box with a weak password for the Administrator account and i try all this out on (well i guess it dont matter how hard the pass is on that one since i made it =P ) yah Azag i have a lot of tools to for scanning websites (but i only do it on the test box i have set up, its very useful =D ) well im not at home now so i havent tried any latest exploits on the box :
  23. gotmilk i live in north little rock, arkansas (well im in WI right now..long story, but ill b back in ar in june) and i have swbell but my DL speeds are ~310kb/s and UP is ~52-54 is the gaming center the cortex? if it is, i have a t-shirt from there cause i went tehre a year ago lol its prolly the 6 or 5mb(cant remember) swb package that was avail. a while back and not avail. long
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