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  1. Thanks again, CA3LE; you guys are THE BEST!! Have a great day & fine week!! jerry in TX
  2. Thx CA3LE for your kind response. What you describe in your last statement is what I've been doing, and it works just fine. One suggestion, you MAY (your choice) wish to remove that non-functional "Copy to Clipboard" button from the site since it could be confusing to newbies. Thanks again, very best regards, jerry in TX
  3. Thanks for your help, MudmanC4. I'll work through the add-ons in FF. VR, jerry in TX
  4. Greetings Testmy.net folks. Just curious as to why the "Copy to Clipboard" does not work? At least it doesn't work for me (WinXP SP3; last patch level using Firefox 36.0.4 as browser). It's not a big deal, I can easily use the mouse to copy the results and then paste into the logs I maintain on my system for records to share if needed w/my ISP. But of course the "Copy to Clipboard" function when it used to work made this process even easier. Just wondering, no gripe from me. Thanks for all the fine work you put into this BEST in the world speed test website. jerry in TX
  5. Thx, TriRan; I totally agree. To me it just didn't make sense, but then "different strokes" and all that. He/she is welcome to do whatever they want; it's their system they're using and their bandwidth limits that they're up against. I do note from what little I've checked that they run small size tests both up & down. Which again, is fine. I found out (with a little help from my ISP tech spt) that running larger size tests once/day provides more accurate overall results...at least in my case. And looking @ the "member history" on your fine site, the results I see tend to bear that out. Th
  6. Yes, TriRan they're clearly running auto tests repeatedly. Which does nothing for the Wildblue overall average per the graph since their uploads are consistently < 1mbps & downloads < or = to 10mbps. As I said in my earlier, running the same test every 5 minutes over a period of several hours will most likely NOT improve their speed? Very best, jerry in Central TX Thx tommie gorman. Yes, we Sat system users have a LOT of latency; it's the price one pays with a Sat system Internet service. But for us in the rural areas, unless we can get CONSISTENT wireless 3G or 4G (we can't YE
  7. I don't see any recent (later than Feb, 2011) posts on this topic so I'll chime in here. After we (Central TX Hill Country) began converting to Wildblue's "Viasat/Exede" service back in April, 2012 we've seen a substantial increase in speeds. And looking at the charts/graphs for the service, I'm consistently much faster than the overall Wildblue averages. I run seperate upload/download tests ONCE per day, usually early in the morning. Here are my results for today: :::.. Download Speed Test Result Details ..::: Download Connection Speed:: 25060 Kbps or 25.1 Mbps Download Speed Test Size::
  8. Thanks, the problem is resolved, I just ran a set of up & down tests via the Dallas node and worked like a champ. I do note that the "copy to clipboard" function is again disabled, but I know how to "copy & paste". Appreciate your and ca3le's fine work & support; great website!!! Very best regards, jerry in TX (fmrusmcrntx) (WildBlue-Exede-Viasat)
  9. Today, I'm unable to complete any test using the "Select Test Size" option. When I attempt it, the page just cycles back and no test is run(either up or down). If I choose "Express" or "Smartest", a test is run with very poor results yet I'm logged off the site! My default testmy site is Dallas (Georgetown). This has been occurring since early (0630cst) this morning. I'm using Wildblue-Exede-Viasat. At 0815, I called my ISP and asked if they were experiencing the same problem. They ran a quick test from their Comcast (Cable Modem) office system and encountered the same thing I get here in my h
  10. I recently used Apricorn's "Apricorn Direct 5 GB USB 3.0 Notebook External Hard Drive Upgrade Kit EZ-UP3" product which I purchased from Amazon to clone my old WD Mechanical HD to a new Intel SSD. The kit includes both a USB 3.0 (backward compat to 2.0 if that's all one has)device that provides an external connection to the new SSD. It also includes Apricorn's "EZ Gig Cloning" software that's so simple to use "a caveman could do it". This product worked flawlessly, quickly allowing me to get rid of the old WD Mechanical drive. Once I'd done my PC, I told my neighbor about how much faster the
  11. Again, Damon I sincerely thank you for the fine job that you & your great staff do with this very BEST ON THE NET speed testing website. And appreciate your kind & totally professional reply. Please know that I do my part as well as I can in widely circulating through my email/internet community "the word" about this site. Keep up the great work. Very best regards and cheers as well to YOU! (Emoticons not working properly, disabled/grayed out; problem likely on my end, sorry!) Jerry in TX
  12. *****************************My humble reply follows*********************************** Hello CA3LE, thank you for your response(s) to my post. I apologize if my post appears to be "cranky". But in fact I was cranky to be surprised by a totally new version this morning. Please bear with me as I explain as briefly & accurately as I can. I only do ONE speed test per day, when I first wake up in the morning. I do this because this is the time that Internet traffic is still fairly light. And over time, I keep my own log(s) by simply copying the results into an email that I then simply s
  13. Unfortunately, I cannot say that I'm thrilled with this new version (13.0). Here's why: 1. I no longer see the "Daily Index" that was available at the top of the page with the earlier (12.9) version. 2. We no longer have the "Results" button available to allow quick copy & paste text from the clipboard into our running daily log files (in my case I use my email). I do see the note that "Results" button will be available soon. Why was it dropped? 3. Detailed results are available by clicking on "Share this result" but ONLY on download tests so rather than the prior one click to
  14. Hi CA3LE, thanks very much for your prompt response that clears up what was a mystery to me (should've figured it out for myself, duh!)...and for all you & your fine website does for us! I'll try to keep this brief. The reason that our (ViaSat/WildBlue/Exede) speeds have increased is that the kids are heading back to school; thus resulting in less traffic on our domain(s) and across the Internet in general. This is the explanation that's been provided us by our ISP during previous summers...that when the kids are out of school playing online games, streaming videos/music, our performance
  15. Greetings CA3LE. Any thoughts on why the "Custom" download function is defaulting to "Smartest" even when I select Custom and then a number of mb (12)? It's NBD, just curious....I've noticed this for the last week or so on each daily test I run. Thanks for the BEST speed testing website on the net & for all your fine work.
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