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2 weeks of frustration(erratic speed)


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I got 7000 2 weeks ago. Have dealt with support several times. My speed will vary  around 850 kbps(12-14 X 56K) , and be consistent for a few short hours. Then it drops to dial-up(or less), and just stays there. Have tried all the usual stuff, shutting down, unplugging stuff, changing settings. It will improve, and then drop off again.I put a new ethernet card in yesterday.Did a test prior to installing the card. Speed was 67kbps. After install, it was 514 kbps. Within an hour it was 887kbps.I thought I may have fixed it!! Went to bed, woke up, and was back down to 117kbps(2 x dial-up)! Couple hours later we were back at 973kbps(17 x dial-up). Not its back down again. I think the support tem  is on holiday shutdown.. Am frustrated, and am only going to last another week at this stuff, and then it's "return the equipment" time. I guess that ought to be interesting.

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Yep, I've had erratic speed on my Dway6000 for about the past two weeks,

also.  First thing in the a.m. speed is good (for me, that is...)  Running in the

665 kbps download range.  Later in the day, drops into the 200 kbps range,

then late at nite into the dial up--and lower--range.  Needless to say, am a

bit frustrated, too.  Have liked the service up til' now.  (Been a customer

since Aug. 2004.  Only can get dial up out here in the country.  Upstate NY)

I'm thinkin' that D-way has some system probs. or can't handle traffic congestion

that's happening later in the day....)

Hang in there!


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Thanks Phrankl for the reply. Been away for 5 hours(it's nice to get away from this stuff!!), came back, and speed on 1st test is 834kbps(14X dial-up).I don't get excited though, "it ain'ta gonna last"!!. Actually disappointed, because I know there is a problem. Next Tuesday I will have a good discussion with the installer. I would rather go back to dial-up ,  knowing what to expect, than to deal with this aggravation, which cost us dearly.

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I used the Direcway email support and they got back to me fairly

quickly (within 24 hours.)  They suggest a bunch of tweaks such as

changing my TCP/IP settings, DNS server, installing the LCCU_4.0.3.13.exe

file.  None of which seemed to do much good.  I wrote to them again this morning.

and my speed picked up again this afternoon.  As of right now,  11:45 here on the

East U.S. Coast my speed is back up in the 650 kbps range download.  FAP's not

an issue with me, 'though.  I don't download that much.  I have the residential rate,

not the small business or enterprise version on my DW6000 account.

    As I mentioned, the speed hasn't been an issue, 'til the last couple of

weeks, so I'm not complaining--generally.  (Cable high speed would be nice of course, but

not available in my area, yet.  Roadrunner in our area runs just under 5 Mbps download, and

doesn't have the lag, of course that satellite broadband does...)

Thanks, and Happy New Year!  ;-)

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(completely off topic) every time I see the title of this thread I think it says erotic speed... and the "2 weeks of frustration" doesn't help either... :lol:  but I digress... 

my opinion is that DirecWay just can't handle the bandwidth running through their system... and Happy New Year! :D

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