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Uninstalling IE6?


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There is a way to roll back to a pervious version.. But I believe if you have sp2 then you are stuck with IE6.  I have heard of people completly removing it before.. but then some of the functionality go out the window.. But the system is more secure they say.. <- never tried it.. and dont really plan on it..

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Umm... i dont know if that is true 100%.. I would like to see this site..  IE6 fixed some of the stability issues that 5.5 had back in the day.. However it also made it kinda of slow.. I remember when IE was fast to load and quick to browse with.  I dont know if you want to remove it then.  You might want to try opera, firefox, or one of the other open souce free browsers.  Nothing is ever going to be 100% secure.  There will always be debates over which browser is the best.. However, it comes down to personal preference.  I personally like Firefox 1.5 a lot and dont really plan on switching to IE 7.  I was not impressed with it when I got the original beta for windows vista.

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Go to control panel, add remove programs, then go to remove windows components. You can remove it from there. What I do is just delete all the links to IE so others wont use it on my pc (remember you might need it to access certain sites). Older versions of your uninstaller pro could rip it out but the new ones dont.

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