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Aint that some s* ?


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After reading of DJ's amazing speeds usign roadrunner, ()whih happens to be my isp as well() i did a lil research and looky here....

Time Warner 5Mbps

But only in NYC and Los Angeles

More on the Time Warner, Earthlink, and Roadrunner speed upgrades we first mentioned earlier this week. Users in our Roadrunner forum are being told by technicians the company has officially upgraded its standard downstream speed to 5Mbps in New York City, and the Huntington Beach area of California (at no extra cost).

Now thats totaly unfair that they can have only Thoes states/areas recieve an upgrade and the rest of their customers who are Paying the SAME price get Nothing.

:evil: *THUMBS DOWN*

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Since Verizon is a way better value here in NY than TWC, they have to be some sort of competition. I mean 3/384 with twc for like $44.95, am i right? With verizon you get 3/768 for $29.99. I guess that many people were switching from TWC to OOL or Verizon.

I mean It would totally suck if i had slower speeds, while my next door neighbor was able to get twice as fast for the same price, but i wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

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Just to correct you .s1, I dont have Roadrunner, I have Earthlink but whats the difference anyway right lol lol

And I saw that article I think on dslreports, so I guess thats why my speed increased, but the starnge thing is its random, my friend who lives like 10 minutes from my house still has 3Mbps and is on Roadrunner, so Ithink this is weird.I guess I was one of the first ones because I just had reinstalled my service a few days ago and I live in a neighborhood filled with pwople with no cable lol

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My mountain home (stateside) is less than 600 feet from "high speed" lines. Do you think Verizon will install a 'run' of Optical Cable so that I can have the blazing speeds that you are enjoying? HA!!! I've been told it may happen in the next decade, but no way can they afford that much wire now? (huh?)


The Reverend

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