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comp is done4?

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i got an old celeron pos with 2 80 gig hd's n it n 512 ram and a dvd burner.

was used to complate street racing viedos gots hundreds of viedos, gigs of songs and arersonals of pics.

unfortunatly it was also used as my download machine and i think sum nasty worm toatled it out again but this time nothing is backed to dvd's.

the cheapest pc shop i found said $30 a hour to go into, extract and burn all the data before i reformat again.      They said they use foresenic programs and hardware????

i would so love to restore this pc for just long enuf to back it up as i just spent over 2k on a turbo n am out of $.

symptoms are..

no serious hardware or software changes when it went out in fact the comcast was shutoff when it did.

loaded it and got the screen saying to start windows in safe mode, safe mode with networking,normals and last known yada yada yada.

no mater what u select it gets to the blue screen of death asking u to run "chkdsk /f"

did that all bytes are ok.

next i just unpluged it and removed the f drive which sumtimes had helped before with similar problem nothing

i ran notron checkdsk but realized i had no virus definitons on floppy!!!!

finaly i unpluged the moherboard battery and tryed reconfiguing the bios no luck there either.

kinda stuck now, it apears to just not be able to read windows.

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StreetRacerRicehunter ;What OS is the PC?

Even if its XP you may be able to get limited access with a Windows 98 Startup disk.I don't have the site handy ;maybe I can find it but it ias available on the internet.Depending on the OS it might let you do a scanreg /restore for 95,98,98se,&ME or possibly a scannow for XP & some of the other newer than ME windows OS's.

Do you have a full Windows disk ? If you do you might be able to go to system restore with it.

Someone else will have to help you with taking it off the HD & with another PC.

This is for installing & using Recovery Console:


This is for using Recovery Console:


This one is for scannow:


This site has boot disks for 98 & the 6 disk setup set for XP:



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ya io wanan just transfer it ive seen ppl do it buit how?

it had xp home i have orignal cdf and i have a 98 cd and a second edition 98 cd i have no ms disks for em though just the cd's.

how can i get in?

and i had system restore turned off and disabled to save what lil resources left.

whats gon ma be the fastest most likely way to get the data back?

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i get to the repair screen asking which windows instaliation i would like to log onto, above it it says C:Windows.

from what i know i want to log onto the C windows kuz thats where it is?

so i type c and it only lets me type 1 character, then it says invalid selection.

are u supposta type numbers?

what exactly do i do?

i typed 1 and it says it wants the administrator pass, i dont remeber ever seting 1 but i did enter any words i would use as a pass,??/

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StreetRacerRicehunter;I hope this helps .You could try   " sfc /scannow " without the quotation marks at the

C:Windows>   prompt. If that doesn't work type cd hit enter & try sfc /scannow hit enter if neither of these work try fixmbr at both prompts.To change back to the other prompt type cdwindows

You may have to install recovery console if you need to do that you will have to read the links.This is just some of the information from the links you might have to read all of some of them.

http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=321305 a new link about administrater passwords.

1. Restart the computer. After the Power On Self Test (POST), press the F8 key.

2. On the Windows Advanced Options menu, use the ARROW keys to select Safe Mode, and then press ENTER.

3. When you are prompted to select the operating system to start, select Microsoft Windows XP edition (where edition is the edition of Windows XP that is installed), and then press ENTER.

4. On the To begin, click your user name screen, click Administrator.

5. Type the administrator password, and then press ENTER.

Note In some cases, the Administrator password may be set to a blank password. In this case, do not type a password before you press ENTER.

6. Click Yes to acknowledge that Windows is running in safe mode.

7. Click Start, and then click Control Panel (or point to Settings, and then click Control Panel).

8. Click User Accounts.

9. Click the user account whose password you want to change.

10. Click Change the Password if you want to keep a password, or click Remove password if you do not want to use a password. If you remove the password, go to step 11.

11. Type the new password for the user, and then click Change Password.

12. Quit the User Accounts tool, and then restart the computer.

Q: How can I add an Administrator password to make my computer more secure?

A: Another way to make your computer more secure is to assign a password to the Administrator account, which is blank by default. An Administrator account is a user account that has full permissions and control over a computer, can gain access to and modify all user accounts on a computer, and can only be accessed from safe mode.

To create a password for the Administrator account


Restart your computer in safe mode:

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if u caint your messed comp to run ... just take your HD's out of ur messed up comp and put them in your working comp, and jus burn to disks from their. the only problem is you might not get the one with the OS on it to come up ive done it befor but it doesnt always work. even if u caint get the one with the OS to come up it still cuts your cost of the labor in hafe if u decide to go that way. Only do one drive at a time and make sure your origional HD in the working comp is last on the cable.

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i went for the easy way right away n pluged the f drive out of the other pc into this 1 in place of its old f drive, windows didnt automaticly detect it and device manager dosent see it neighter the bios either aand it didnt detect it automaticly with add/remove hardware and... ther eis no label on the drive with the manafacture name n model on it:(

so i guess i shoul try restoring it?.

im gona try moire of what chjola said but sum stuff didnt wanan work or it wasent accapting commands

and there was no set pass that was not a prob.

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i got another problem the cd burner is not working it opens and closes but it dosent read it im using the stock cd rom for the xp cd:(

i cant burn the data its gota go acros the network to this pc.

so i woulkd probably need to get back to the desktop?

for the record this whole error causing this problem i think the error numnber is..

***  Stop: 0X0000007B  (0XFAFD8640, 0XC0000034, 0X00000000, 0X00000000)

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no luck with swaping the drives out into this computer asd the f and science there is no label on it i cant seem to find drivers  but one of the drives do read nidec and has this number in it t24n04-27    and another number 1063-007397-000  and no luck instaling a recovery consel but i can use dos n that about it.

ive tried to prompt it to instal it but..

i absoutley canot loose this data and would rather donate sum $ to this forum that dish out mad $ to get all the data pulled

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im trying to go the do it ur self route on retriving data from another pc a celeron made in 00 thats old and done 4. theres proly 100-120 gigs worth street racing viedos, pics, carclub shootouts  etc etc on a c and f drive that was being sorted, and compiled into dvd's.

stuff would be like maybe the equvilant of loosing tools u work with, these are our lives these viedos

problem was the os was not loading, got me to the blue screen after i have to select how to boot, safe mode, safe with networking, reg, or last known..

no matter what i select it gives me the blue screen of death saying to run chkdsk /f  i did all bytes ok.  so then i tried a norton recovery, only to find out i had no definitions on floppy, system retore was turned off long ago, and the dvd burner on this comp is not working i have to use the stock cd rom to do anything.

i need help either restoring the operating system or pulling the data of those drives onto this pc.

i cant "or dont know how" to get the recovery consel instaled on the dead pc, and swaping the drives into this 1 has had no luck so far not even the bios can pick them up?

anyway i realy apericate any help and got alot of cats mad at me kuz those vids were supposta be out long ago. 



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turns out the 40 pin cable was all messed up where the plastic connector meets the hard drive, the teeth that come out that pierce the wires in the cable werent all in the cable.

immediatly i pluged in the slave drive of the busted poc into this pc and extracted all the data theres half the battle i guess, transfering as i speak .

I guess all i need now is help on how to get the data of the old c in the old pc, do 9i just hook the old c the master from the old pc into the slave slot on thisd pc and set the jumper setting to slave?

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:haha:turns out the cable was done 4 that conects the slave into the cable, where the plastic clamp thjing meets the hd's, the teeth that come out of it that pierce the cable werent in all the way.

imediatly i repaired it , lol and pluged in the f from the slave from the old pc and started pulling the data over i needed to this comps c drive.

thats half the battle i guess all thats left is the c from the other comp, do i just take it ouyta the old pc, set the jumper to slave, and stick it in this pcs slave ?

bios options on the drives are set to auto if thats important.

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amazingly it worked all data has been retrived from the other pc, turns out the prefetch folder was renamed by a friend of mine to elkiminate sum infections, the pc however did not create a new prefetch, npow when oit boots up theres no blue screen it just says os not found.

lol a little better im just gona reformat it

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