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Open the Trillian menu at the top of the window, click Trillian Preferences.  Click the Identities & Connections button (middle of top row of icons)

Click Create a new Identity, type a name for it.

Click Add a new Connection... click AIM, enter sn and pass and click connect

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Trillian never got my A+ on IM software.  i did like the "slight" memory boost from when I was running Y! AIM! & ICQ back in the day but it had no other plusses in my opinion (maybe its just me and near 1GB RAM and page filing out the arse for extra space)  It also isnt as "versatile" as the messengers by themselves if memory serves me right.  I think I had to login into Y! Messenger via their program just to send and recieve files and use voice.  But its all up to you man.

Has the newer build added these fuctions?  Maybe I'd be more interested in running it.

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I have been using Trillian ever since I built my new computer. It seems to run pretty good. The only I miss is the actuall feel of AIM. I might just switch back just because of this. I wish there were better themes then what they have right now. There are some good ones, but they are older and Trillian doesn't allow newer features with older themese I guess.

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