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Ding Ding it is offical MS is going to play ball with Apple


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a little big.. looks like it is the size of a 4 by 6 note card..  but i like the overall look.. I think someone else tried a product like this.. it looked almost the exact same.

now that i really look at it, Ive seen something like that before. i can't remember were but Ive see it. and it does look a little big. bit i do too like the overall look.

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ya that thing is quite big to be compared to an ipod.. i think the only reason why apple was allowed to corner the market for so long was because of the size factor. There are plenty of other products out there that provide all the same stuff an ipod will do + tons more for the same price but there a little bigger

unless u got some big pockets idk how it would be portable for a normal person.. perhaps business people would use it

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I lay no loyalty to apple, but i seriouly doubt M$ will have the ablity to knock the ipod off it's mountain top. IPOD is a household name across america, and many other countries these days. M$ did good with xbox/xbox360, but i don't see them being any threat to the ipod. Only time will tell though.  ;)

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ya nothing can ever threaten apples hold on the portable music market. The only way any competitor can compete is to offer more space/features for lower the price, which i doubt any company is willing to do.

I remember back when ipod first launched for like 400$ it was just the normal music playing one that stored 40gigs. My friend came to school after winter break with a Creative pocket pc. It looks just like a tablet pc except its more thick .. (original gameboy thick) and it cost 400$ but it offered the same amount of space and it was able to playback video.

Its to late for anyone to catch up with the ipod craze even if there are better and cheaper substitutes nothing can stop it

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