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Goodbye DirecWay, Hello HughesNet (Big News...well sorta)

Guest thecableguy

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Guest thecableguy

There are some big changes afoot at Hughes Network Systems starting today, with the company offering up a new brand name, a new set of managed services for enterprises and government agencies, and a package of satellite ISP services.

The HughesNet brand will replace the DirecWay name (which disappears completely April 22), covering all the company

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Watch out.  Just tried to convert to new mail service.  It sucks big time.  Says can no longer use eudora or the othe mail programs I have had for years.  Have to use net browser.  Have been trying for hours to get tech support,  but no result.

Password rejected by hughes.net

Have to find a new service provider I guess :angry5:

Guess this is usual for direcway. 

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Have you converted your account properly yet?  If you just changed the settings in your mail program it will not work.  When setting up your email program, you must also use the full username for the login credentials. 

Instead of:



You need:

[email protected]


I have no problem accessing the email with outlook, and ive heard of others using Thunderbird.

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Yes It is important when setting up your email that your username is [email protected]  you must use the whole @hughes.net  - also they email you a password - you can go  to http://hughesnet.myway.com/  then click mail log in with your username and password emailed to you then you can change it once you log in for the first time.  Hope this helps

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If you did not get the email about the hughesnet mail switchover...

go to:


sign in with your old info

go to the the email options

then change your password....

Then browse to http://mail.hughes.net

sign in, and your account will begin to convert...with your email transferring to the new account.

SkyTerra bought out Hughes(DirecWay) from DirecTV.

In the deal, Hughes did not retain the rights to the Direcway name....therefore we have "Hughesnet"

Hughes is getting ready to become a "public" company.

With that in mind, I think they will start changing their ways because they will have stock holders to answer to!

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