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Incorrect Drive Letter Choices!


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When attempting to make a copy of my administrative password onto a CD I am not given the choice to where my CD drive is located (D-drive).  The choices to select from are other drives that I do not use.  When I open "my computer" it shows the CD drive as drive d.  When I place a CD into my computer drive it shows up as drive d in "my computer".  Other times when I want to use drive d, my CD drive I have no problem selecting it as it shows up in a drop down box as a choice!  In other words it works sometimes and othertimes I do not have the option to use drive d at all.  Other options are given such as drive F, G etc. which I do not use.

I recently had to reinstall windows XP due to some complications and since then this problem has occurred but does not always happen the same way.  Prior to re installation of XP my drives for CD & DVD were drives G & H respectively and after reinstall they changed to D & E.

I went into disk mngt. and have drive D as my CD drive and drive E as my DVD drive and most of the time this problem does not occur.  What can I do to correct this mess and be given the choices when performing various functions to use drive D & E?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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How do I find out for sure that the problem is with the FATS 32 and if that is the problem how do I correct it?  It usually comes up with the ability to select drive E or D but sometimes as I explained it does not even show drive E or D in drop down box to direct a download to CD or DVD drive.

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aarond ;If you have a Windows 98 start-up disk reboot & start up with it.the minimum will do for using fdisk.Type fdisk at the prompt & select 4 to look at your drive partitions.This will show if any are FAT32.Mine are FAT 32 because I have ME.

I'm not sure what to do if you find FAT32 partitions in your XP but this should show if they are there.

My  PC is partitioned C:active primary:D:&E: logical DOS drives & F: cdrom

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