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Hey cholla..........

Guest helloimtim

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Guest helloimtim

Short note. The sight kinda comes and goes. No better but forsure no worse. Gets to bad may have to have the doc get in there and deal with it. Thanks you Bunches for asking. Hey how do you change the color of this website. Kinda Diffrent every time I surff this way..........OH. I got away from the computers to see if my what effect it would have on my site. It had none. So I be back for now. Any ideas on makeing the computer a bit easier to see what be much apreciated.  I changed the resolution on the destop to compinsate. Just hate to have that silly slide bar at the bottom of ie when I change the size of the letters. Any ideas would be preciated!!

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CA3LE:    Thanks for the Theme link.  Changed mine to the GREEN selection.  On the default I was having difficulty reading the top bar - Home,  Download Test, Upload Test, Community, etc.  With the green - No problem

Thanks again


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helloimtim;Glad to hear the sights not worse too bad it's not better.On the color themes At the top of the page under the scrolling news there is a theme button .Select the theme from there after you log in .It should stay the same after that if it doesn't then do it again.The same button wll also give a preview of all the themes if you select"See Theme List" this goes to the link CA3LE posted.

Now for some hints; I have a wheel mouse it's a microsoft basic optical mouse.Other wheel mouses may work the same.When I press down on the wheel I get a 2 or 4 way arrow depending on if there are one or both scrool bars are showing.Then the page can be moved by moving the mouse .To stop this function I just click the wheel again.So with this I don't have to use the scrool bars.Some pages this doesn't work but it does with most.

If you use IE then in Internet Options General at the botton there are 4 buttons the accessability one has option for you to use you own fonts & font sizes on web pages.The fonts also gives you some choice of the web page fonts used.Colors lets you use you own text & background colors.

I have Windows ME so if you have XP this might be different .In display properties in apperance you can choose the font size & style on Windows Items & text.

so a wheel mouse like I use might help with the scrool bar problem.

In addremove  windows setup in Control Panel there are some Accessability options I haven't used these but if you have them you might give them a try.

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