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:) Yeah,

It just takes time,this site has and will continue to grow at a fast pace because its so  Kick Ass. So tell everyone you know to come visit because CA3LE GUY doesn't do any advertising its all done by word of mouth. I even post on other sites to come visit here....LOL

8) Microwave

I do the same. I have links to this site in my sigs where allowed, and plug it on all my regular sites. EVERYONE I have sent here has nothing but great things to say. :D

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Well, Cobra made mine (its sweet, Thankls Cobra) so once you get sig you want doesnt really matter if its animated or not, you host the file somewhere, there are alot of free sites to host just google and get the top. Then go to your profile and put the link to where the sig is located with %7Boption%7D  before and after the link. :D You can just google for a sig or if you want a custom I suggest you ask Cobra real nice he is the shiznit when it comes to that. If that didnt answer it good enough PM me ill help you out (help keep the clutter down since we are so off topic), Im about to go to bed though.

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