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Random Restarts


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Ok i dont know how long i have until i randomly restart again. First my mouse went out so i restarted. Then when i rebooted the monitor wouldnt turn on. Then after i got it working again, after the windows loading screen, nothing would come up. I figured it would be a driver problem, so i used a spare monitor and rebooted into safe mode and did a driver update from the folder i have. Then i plugged the other monitor in and it all seemed to work fine...

I was playing counter strike and then boom restarted. Then on the reboot following even before windows loaded, another.

Several else followed. I dont know what could be attributing to it. I would first think of overheating and it has an auto shut down feature.

The back rear plate does feel quite warm and i do run this beast 24/7. Also, on startup i get an error, that my system fan isnt on and i have to hit f1 to continue. After windows loads it seems to go on and off. This has happneed before but the issue resolved itself last time.

If it restarts again im going to turn it off and leave it to cool down overnight. I really have bad luck with comps i hope nothign is damaged... although this can finally be my excuse to get a new comp..

Any ideas on what could be causing it. I dont think its video related as its restarted even before windows loads. I also heard a pop but i had my headset on so i dont know if it was from inside my case.. (hopefully not).


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Are you overclocking this system? If so have you upgraded your fan? If not did you install another fan? Did you check to see if your fan indeed was running when you had to hit F1 to continue? It could easily be shutting it down from being overheated. Check these and let us know. :)

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Well i left my pc off overnight and on startup it still didnt detect the fan. The computer i have is a dell.

It has this duct system that has a green vent over the heatsink and fan i think. I dont have a rear fan just the hsf under the green duct.

Nothing is overclocked either. Last time this happened after i left it off overnight to cool down the system fan turned back on.

I noticed that the computer was also restarting no on loads, sometimes just on pure idle or loading windows. If it restarts again im gonna see if i can take apart the duct and see whats up with the fan.

EDIT: .. i just relized i been saying random restarts. Its actually random shutdowns lol.

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random windoze defects can be flukey ram. does it detect all the ram you are supposed to have on startup? have you moved the ram around? might need to take the ram out and make sure you reinsert it properly. the video not working or mouse not working points to something in the chipset though. try tweaking the ram sticks, then if that doesn't help go into bios and load defaults. (the fact it's a dell with no cpu fan etc tells me it's onboard graphics, right?) as for the fan not starting of course check for dustbunny squatters or other obstructions. also check any power connections you can find, while you're at it reseat every other cable you can lay your hands on. (without opening the ps of course. don't want you getting zapped by a charged capacitor)

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everything seems to be working fine, my monitor sometimes bugs out if it gets unplugged from the video card while the computer is on.

I opened the case and it has this duct system where the heatsink is on top of the cpu.. but inside of a green duct. Then on one side in the case it has a fan, i assume intake pushing air over the heatsink through the vent and our a rear back panel.

The fan still doesnt turn on or push air, so im thinking that has to be the problem, because my heatsink was on fire lol.. very hot.

I really need a new comp i think im just gonna beg my parents for one unless a new fan can fix this.

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Its a Dell Optiplex GX150,

The problem has been resolved though. Thx for the replies guys.

I unplugged the fan power connector to the mobo and cleaned the dust out, and when i powered back on it worked. I then attatched a house fan to my rear to blow out any hot air or anything built up in the heatsink and its running fine now thank god.

thx again guys

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its actually pretty big case, not hte slim model with the sidways optical drives.

Hopefully the fan will stay working for a while until i get a new computer, the cooling sytem they have in the optiplex is a joke.

This is what it looks like without the big stupid green vent on the heatsink.

The Fan is pushing air down towards the AGP slot, so if u have a video card all it does is push the air into it. The back of the vent is connected to the back panel where a rear fan should be but its not. It seems like a place where heat should escape but it doesnt.

I wish my gpu was on the top of the card cause all that air would go on it and i can overclock better.

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