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World's fastest internet

tommie gorman

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guys guys guys

that is a con, its not 2Gbps or 2Gb/s

you only get 8Mb connection to your house

and then inside the data center will be 2Gbps but not 2Gbps to your house

i will take a pring screen

The article that The Times has published seems to carry little resemblance to what you can read about the DigitalBridge project. The site clearly states 8Mbps as an access speed for both the PC on TV service and more generic PC connectivity. 8Mbps seems a long way removed from the 2000Mbps suggested by The Times. Reading more background suggests though that the PC on TV service, may actually be a server/thin client model, with the server located in Telehouse, and the connectivity for the service at that location is 2Gbps, what you would see on your TV is essentially a rapidly updating screenshot of a PC located in Telehouse. By leveraging PC style access onto the TV screen you can tackle the issues of people not having the money to buy a PC, though how useful a standard PC desktop is on what maybe a fairly old TV is another matter.

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