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Some Bullpoop


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Hmm, photobucket must be down.  I'll just post the convo in text.

him(4:59:25 PM): Oh yeah, me and Michael W just finished making our own speed tweaker for the site

him (4:59:28 PM): it's in Alpha though

me (4:59:50 PM): What does it tweak?  Registry?

him (5:00:23 PM): It changes windows shell's memory line in explorer.exe for the maximum acception of file in/out byte size

him (5:00:44 PM): Remember how Linux downlaods way faster than windows?

him (5:00:55 PM): I was downloading from the M$ site on Linux at 7mb a sec

him (5:01:03 PM): and on windows, I download at 1mb a sec

him (5:01:08 PM): that's a 90% increase

him (5:01:15 PM): because there are no bytesize limits

him (5:01:32 PM): it also tweaks the registry.

That's some serious bullshit.  If he doesn't know that registry changes don't take effect until windows is restarted, then he sure has hell won't know how to "program" what he's claiming.  Either way, his program is bull.  It's an exe that runs an installer, and that's it.  The only reason I did it is because I'm on a friend's computer who's about to reformat.

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