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Switching Processors


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Hey everyone ;) got a few questions for you all

My sister got back from college, she wont be using her computer while she works all summer, she knows i like comps so she said i could use whatever from her comp during the summer

1.) Would I notice a speed increase, if so how drastice?

2.) Would it install into my comp, aka is it compatiable?

3.) When her comptuter would start up would it look differently, same with mine?

4.) Thanks TMN helpers

heres my comp stuff









Heres her processor


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ya she dont know to much bout em, she knows I like em though, its the thought that counts :) (cheesy)

so you guys saying its compatible

brock01 there is a 85% chance that it will not work. because your processor is a northwood core and hers is a Prescott. your chip set in your motherboard probally will not pick it up. also as php said her processor is going to run quite a bit hotter then yours, and the heatsink in your case might not be adequate to cool that processor.

as far as will you see a difference in speed. most likely not, its not that much of a speed increase to really see anything.

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i just want the processor, nothing else

when i would change them, would they work, would she see a difference (not perfomance wise) when she starts it up?

like i said in my post before its probally not going to work because your processor is a northwood, and hers is a Prescott.

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It'll work just fine.  Even if the bios doesn't recognize the core, it'll still run it just fine.  It is socket 478, the same as yours, which is about the only important thing.  If you need to, you can flash your bios, and that should have the newest Intel core support.

just because its a 478 socket doesn't mean that it will work, the chipset has to recognize the processor, if its a older 478 chipset then it will not work with a prescott processor.

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Alright from a little research on ebay and the web this is what I came up with..

The Deminsion 4600


Dell Part#: 2Y832 F4491

Socket: 478

Expansion Slots: 3 PCI, 4 Dual Channel DIMM

Chipset: Intel 865

Front Side Bus Speed: 400/533/800Mhz FSB

Supported CPUs: P4 1.7 Ghz-3.0GHz, 256/512K Cache Chips with 400/533/800MHz FSB Socket 478 Celeron 1.7GHz-3.0GHz Socket 478

Other Features: Hyper-Threading Technology Support


Deminsion 3100

Dell Part Number 0JC474

2 Channels For 533 MHZ DDR Ram

LPGA775 Pin For the intel Processor

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mean that you cant swap processors.. different socket types.. atleast from what I can see..

You might not see that much of a performance increase as roco pointed out..  It look like you could drop in a 3.0 northwood or processor on the 478 platform

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