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Firefox Safe...........NOT!


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Its still safer then IE


people using firefox are generally a little more tech savvy. (why else would they bother to replace a perfectly good browser they got for free with their os with another?

these people know a little more about how to make a system safe than your average computer user. i run ie on xp pro and have had no trouble even when surfing across seriously questionable sites.

it's not the browser in itself that creates safety or lack thereof, it;s the user that configures it and the os.

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well, the number of security flaws has one caveat. it is the number of /known/ security flaws. it is the same as comparing xp to macos or linux. there are far mor people attacking xp than the other os'es. and i would say it is the same for ie and other browsers. so naturally more security flaws are discovered than on the less well 'checked' ones.

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For every security problem with FF there is about 10 more for IE.

And as far as speed goes, I don't think there is a difference, though IE may render poorly coded pages better (lots of people out there don't code up to standards).

Mozilla works long and hard releasing builds for Firefox each and every day, as well as hourly.. MS has nowhere near that dedication.. IE7 has copied so much from Firefox, not just features, but It copied layout, icons and other stuff.. If you look at a lot of MS products and services they are copied from something, that is why they are always getting sued by companies because of it.

Just look at www.live.com it is a copy of google customize, right down to the links in the right top corner (settings, logout)... They hide it the best they can, but simply they copy and duplicate other successful products, and fail at it!

BTW, If IE was open source, you would be hearing about so many security issues that you would be horrified to use it... Firefox security issues are easier for security companies and people to identify because the code is right there for them to look at.

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Internet Explorer all day long.

Any browser can be exploited/attacked. Your system's security applications make the biggest difference.

Firefox isn't any more safe than IE6 SP2/IE7. It has been hit hard on several occasions and many articles have been written on its flaws as well. Internet Explorer is a massive fish in a very small pond, and it'll continue to be that way as long as Microsoft keeps stomping out the competition.

When you have the #1 spot, getting targeted with hate far more frequently just comes with the territory.

It seems that more than half the people who announce how much they despise IE/M$ don't even know why themselves. They just decided to jump on the anti-Microsoft bandwagon. Some people claim to know the code of the browser while others just carry on about ineffectual nonsense.

Like resopalrabotnick stated, "Switch because you like the features of another browser."

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i was helping a friend set up a linux system for productive use.

now he is fed up and linux has been relegated to experimentation. the productive system runs xp.

why? too much hassle with linux and too much trouble getting even standard hardware working, cost of shopping around for new hardware with compatibility to linux and not function and bang for the buck being the important criteria.

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I tried linux out,  my keyboard and mouse,  and wireless adapter dint even work so my computer was basically worthless with linux.  So i ended using one of my old keyboards and mouse.  Linux was okay but without a internet connection there was really nothing to do so i ended up switching back to XP

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