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world cup 06


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anyone saw the england game yesterday

still not convincing enough for me

and rooney, well he is just a morable booster for the team i think

2-0 was not bad since they were still 0-0 with only 5min of game to go

go on PORTUGAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Argentina PWNS Serbia and Montenegro 6-0 Final Score

Yeah i think they suck also, come on 6-00000000000000.0000

proves the theory that serbia and montenegro lika ma balls

and GO MEXICO!!!!

how can you be so disrespectful - id be really embarrassed to act like you

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and btw - few years back mexico and yugoslavia played together in a friendly game and yugoslavia won - but besides that, like i said....the country itself has gone through some many hardships that it made it impossible for them to have a decent team - they don't have any funding, which is a main thing to influence a team - blame the years of war and the country falling apart for that - at least they qualified for the world cup

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omg man u gotta keep it real man and stop actin like ur so mature n S#!t pls like damn man wat rep.??? man were talkin about soccer here not the whole freakin world man and yes i am 5 years old so u can lika ma balls 2 lolz and man just talkin about soccer teams no country political blable blahble Serbia and montenegro suk at soccer tis all i say and that they can lika ma balls and GO MEXICO!!!

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the thing here is that I am so mature and you certainly show that you are not....i kindly ask you not to come back and post on this thread any more since obviously you are bringing a lot of negative and not allowing us to have a decent conversation about the world cup

so please - i ask you again, id appreciate if you wouldn't post that kind of bs replies here again - just stay out and let us have a good discussion

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