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Could anyone suggest a decent UK ISP?


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    My current provider are a bit awful, so I'm looking to switch. However, I have a number of specific requirements. I will need:

*At least 1 static IP address

*No blocked ports (such as 80, 25 etc)

*High upload speed (at least around 500k)

*High download speed (at least 6mb)

*No traffic shaping (bittorrent etc)

*No proxies or caching servers

*Unlimited bandwidth or a very high limit

I'd like to find a provider that can give me all this for no more than

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Welcome to the forum ms526  :wave:

You might PM Roco.

Also what is your advertised speeds?

What is your connection type?

Is your present connection doing what it is supposed to?

Maybe if you sped yours up you might be happy for a while.

Is your comp clean and have you tried tweaking it?

I take it you saw my other thread. I know that my PC is not at fault because I've tried it on my laptop, and about 3 other desktops and the speed problem is just the same.

Sometimes I'll get 800kb/s, others I'll get about 200kb/s or less. I just can't put up with this variation in speed anymore, I'm guessing that my ISP has an extremely poor network, as it's slowest during the day at peak times. I understand that it would be slower during busy hours, but this is unacceptable.

This new "up to 8mb" thing seems to just be a license for UK ISPs to provide apalling service and justify it by saying "speed varies". I'm really not impressed by them at all.

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I take it you saw my other thread.

Actually I have read and posted in so many I have trouble keeping track sometimes. Sorry.

So have you tried tweaking it at all?

Cable-nut or TCP Optimizer?

Have you tried PMing Roco? He lives in the UK.

Sorry for the slow post as I just got my connection back after the storm.  :D

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