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Why We Must Flee the Planet


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Interesting read.

I like the statistics about our current rate of population growth, and where we will be by year 4810 a.d. if it stays the same.

Source: Space.com / SETI.org  Click here for direct link

Why We Must Flee the Planet: The Geometry of Earth is All Wrong

by Seth Shostak, SETI Institute

Stephen Hawking is best known for thinking about time, space, and those teratoid trash mashers known as black holes. But in a recent talk in Hong Kong, the famous physicist digressed from his usual subject matter to tell the audience that they

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That's one of the reasons I 'm pro population control.If each couple has only 1 child in time this halfs the population every generation instead of increasing.I made the decision a long time ago on no children so I'm doing my part.Personally I would be for zero population growth for about 30 years the a select few would be allowed to have children .This would be by some kind of lottery.& would be adjusted to allow enough of each race.Although my own opinion on this is that there is only one race the human race .All races are just variations of the one.

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I don't know if I would go that far, cholla.

But I have one child and no desire for any more, so I'm with you.

I do not agree with these freakin' baby machines pumping out 12-13 kids over a few years.

What is the point of that? It's not that they love babies so much, it's the baby making part that they can't control.

That will be part of our downfall.

But, I am not ready for the Chinese solution....

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In my opinion population control is an inevitable item. When the food sources and space gets low, it will happen before it gets to that picture idea. With that picture in mind, it would become cannibalism. no animals or farms would be left. Impossible.

I do not agree with these freakin' baby machines pumping out 12-13 kids over a few years.

What is the point of that?

That will be part of our downfall.

Actually baby pumping machines as you call them is not as prominent as it used to be. It was a welfare scheme to get more money on their monthly check. It did not actually work as well as it seemed. If they had a heart, they finally decided that the children came first after all. People are becomig more educated on facts than they used to be. And welfare has revised many times since then.

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I decided to address this more completly.First let me say I doubt if what I would suggest will be followed by the nations of the Earth.So it is just theory.

First I would like to cover the Chinese solution & I think dn0 was talking about mandatory abortion.If my plan was implimented this would not be necessary.

I would like to see(not see myself because of the time it would take I would be dead before it was finished) the Earth population to a total of 10 to 15 million.I think this amount could sustain a modern civilization & have little enviromental impact.All the nations of the Earth would have to do it.

1.Limit couples to one child.This would mean if you divorced & remarried if you had a child with the first marriage the even if your new mate didn't you couldn't have a child.This would be already taken care of anyway by mandatory sterilization of both parents upon the birth of their child.That would take care of the need for abortion.I think this would also result in couples staying married.A good side benefit.

2. Now for those men(& I use this term loosly) who think they can just have several bastard children.With DNA they would be sterilized the first time a woman proved a child was theirs.

I would take this a step further if a man fatherd a second child he would get 25 years in prison at hard labor to support the second child.If it could be proven the woman he had the second child with knew he already had a child she would get the same sentence.For a third child the sentence would be life at hard labor.

This would also take care of the teen boy woh had 10 girls pregnant at once.I think a life sentence would discourage this.

3.Allowance would have to be made for multiple births but there would be no fertility drugs allowed to be manufactured .If some company of individual did manufacture some the death penalty would be the sentence.

I think the odds of a couple having a second child by accident are almost 0 if both have been sterilized.

If the variations of the human race were to be maintained the interracial marriage would be discouraged but not outlawed.This is not racism but would be necessary with a small population.

Most of the people would have to live in a limited area & this would be plenty large .The rest of the planet would go back to nature.

Unfortunatly I doubt if this will be done & many will starve & die of a super-plague.Or a planet so polluted they can't survive.The Earth will defend itself .& that's what I believe will really happen.

Or an all out nuclear war.Mankind doesn't seem to have the sense to get together & take care of the problem a better way.

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first of all i have to call the initial article extreme bullshit to the n-th degree. why is there so mouch of earth needed to sustain a person? gravity. i wouldn't want to live on one of those small asteroids where a careless release of flatulent rumblings would blast me into or even out of orbit. the rotating space habs are an idea, but the thought of having a view that looks like somthing seen from an amusement park ride sucks.

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