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shug, check if i have him. if i do sweeten the deal and i will go looking for my password.

Let me see if there is anything I can do to help with your account. Doubt it but maybe.

alrite I'll fess up, i got larry johnson :evil6:

edit: I'll be willing to trade u for alexander

Sweet Ill be with you shortly. You may be getting the good end of this deal, Alexander was ranked #1 overall everywhere for FF. I want my boy though.
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is there no message for denied trade requests or am i looking in the wrong damned place or what? and how long do i have to wait for the moss smith trade?

and brock01, hand over portis. he's good, but playing for the redskins. barring a miracle he ain't gonna get no decent stats anyhow.

i accepted so idk y it is taking so long

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there is a waiting period so the others can vote against it. but there were other trades i had that i got no feedback on other than that they went off the pending transaction list.

Yea so that if someone decided to jack around and give all their good players to one team we could stop it. Just wait 2 days and the trade will go through.
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