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The league is starting now. If you are interested in joining just send me a PM with your email and I will send you an invite. The draft will be live on July 29 at 2 pm CST. If you cannot attend the draft you can have the comp pick for you.  :D

If this league fills up another will be started. All testmy users who want to play will get to.  :D

Current team ID is 166711. If this league fills I will start another.

The sticky will be removed when the team fills or general interest stops.  :D

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basically on draft day you draft players for key offensive positions such as QB, HB, WR and you draft a whole teams defense. Then you start the players you want before the real regular season football games start. So if you have the Bucs defense started and they get 2 INTs and hold the other team to 7 points in their real game that week you get so many fantasy points. Same thing for every position. If you have Vick and he rush's for 200 and throws 300 and 2 TDs you get a butt load of points. Then your team is put up against a different team from your league each week and whoever has the most points wins that game. Whoever has the best record at the end of the season goes to playoffs and etc. Hope I havent confused anyone.

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is it 2 late to sign up

No its not, send me a pm with your email if you want to join. That goes for anyone, it will never be to late for TM members up untill the draft.  :D

it's a max of 10 people in leag anyhow, innit?

and the whackers will whack all.

I changed it to 20.
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i started to sign up but read the terms of use...says that if u play ur agreeing to premium services...which r billed monthly...i started to go beyond that point and it asked me to name my team...i thought there was a team set up...it even said testmy...eh...i don't understand football...hahaha

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