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Network card with its own 400Mhz network processing unit and 64MB of dedicated


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from: http://www.engadget.com/2006/07/13/bigfoot-introduces-the-killer-network-interface-card/

You think you're a hardcore gamer? Really? If you've been looking for the latest piece of hardware to give yourself the one-up, Bigfoot's got you covered. The aptly named Killer Network Interface card just might be the most unique gamer-centric component we've seen; this amped up gigabit NIC has its own 400Mhz network processing unit, 64MB of dedicated DDR RAM, a USB 2.0 port, and touts itself as one of the first consumer uses of Corporate Network Acceleration Technology. So these CAT6-melting specs have to amount to something, right? Gamers can supposedly expect to see noticeable improvements in first-person shooters as well as consistently lower ping times as the self-proclaimed "LLR Technology" offloads network tasks from the CPU to the Killer's NPU. Although pricing is currently unavailable, the tricked-out NIC will be available starting August 16th; for now we'll reserve judgment about how this thing just screams "overkill" on one of the more basic functions of any computer, and bask in its extravagant frivolity.

This sounds a bit over the top

i mean my old pc at home has a pentium 3 - 500Mhz and that runs WINDOWS XP

this is a 400Mhz processor just for the network and usb, OMG such an over kill

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