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computer desk/work desk for college


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I'm going to be starting college soon and i'm looking for a good desk for a fairly low price ($150 MAX).  I recently found out about this desk called the IKEA Jerker, and it seems really good, i saw some pictures and it looks like quality stuff, but i was wonder if any testmy.net users have this desk.  If you do, what are your opinions on it? and do you have any pictures you could post?  the closest ikea store to me is almost 200 miles away, so i wanna pretty much make sure its going to be a good desk.

also, if there are an other desks that anyone reccomends for college, please reply, thx in advance :)

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A good desk is definitely key for school.  You've gotta be comfortable where you work.  Tiger direct usually has some pretty good deals on computer desks.  For the cost of gas you'd likely spend to make the trip to Ikea, the shipping to order from tigerdirect would probably be worth it too.


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one reason i never liked cordless mice roco. i like being to track em down with the cable...

as for the desk, ikea usually has decent quality. it's usually in kit form, comes with the allen wrench you might need but usually needs some other tools. also check out their lines of modular shelving. you can buy parts that combine to form large units, even around corners, that will fit most any room. great for storing all those schoolbooks etc.

caution, spam content:

really, i'm not kidding. if you don't like spam, stop reading now.

i warned you.


if you find someone to give you more cash for a desk check out wrightline.com they will customize a desk/workstation for the space/needs you have.


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