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Someone recommend a good capture card?


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Hey guys,

I'm lookin to get a PCI capture card to be used to digitize VHS tapes onto DVD. I know how to do video editing, I got Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and Sony DVD Architect 3.0, and I can turn out pretty good lookin DVD's from our DV cam, but I gotta get these VHS tapes onto DVD's soon..

So, it's gotta have RCA inputs, obviously and I want it to be pretty good quality, and I got maybe $150-$160 total to get my mom to spend on it lol ;)

What would you guys recommend?


-brennan  :cool:

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cool, thx

I was lookin on newegg, but I really couldn't find anything in particular that would work...but there ya go!

@swimmer, yea, i am too, but idk, I already have a Radeon X300SE, but no RCA inputs on that baby :-

Plus, I already have a capture card, a Hauppauge to be exact, I just forgot to mention that it will not work at all in Sony Vegas 6.0d's vid cap utility, or any vid cap utility for that matter..stupid sony vid cap says that it's in use, and I never have gotten it to not say that.

Ya think it could be MCE constantly trying to use it even when I don't have (the prog) Media Center up and running?

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Indestructable ;I haven't done this to my PC but I had looked into it some since I have a lot of VHS movies I would like to use a VCR to my PC to burn to DVD.

If you already have a video & sound card you think produce good enough results you might look at on of the less expensive capture cards.

I'm putting in links to dealtime & newegg.dealtime had more information but newegg had better prices .So check each & get the best price.

I also found a how to you might not need it but I"m putting in the link incase .

http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/318 VHS to DVD how to

http://www.dealtime.com/xGS-leadtek_winfast_tv2000 has 4 this brand


A little cheaper at newegg.

Leadtek TV2000XP/EXPERT


Sabrent TV-PCIRC (TVPCIRC) Video Capture


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Ya think it could be MCE constantly trying to use it even when I don't have (the prog) Media Center up and running?

Disable all the MCE services and restart... that should fix it.

MCE releases the card when not in use, but not all programs seem to notice that...

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both of these are very good, the first one i have personal expereince with and the card is great



I used to fix their air conditioning..  :haha:

They are located about 10 minutes away from here..

Nice guys there..and their stuff is good...  :D

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Not sure if you are still considering a new capture card or not ?

But I'm with Swimmer on this one, If you have a free AGP or PCI-E X16 I would recommend one of the ATI All-In-Wonder cards they have a TV tuner some with the FM tuner, all the Inputs and outputs you need, IF Remote Control and bundled with some good software, also you would be upgrading your video card at the same time to be able to handle graphics better and better DVD playback.

I have used several and they all have worked really good.

Newegg has a few between $120-$200... ;)

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Welllll.....  :)

So, I went to Start-Run-services.msc. From there I unchecked the one that had something to do with Media Center, it was under the M's, I believe. Closed that.

Start-Run-msconfig. Startup tab-unchecked ehshell.exe (is that right?) sorry, not @ home right now..but anyway, basically, since I have very little in startup, it was easy to find and take out the Media Center related one. Dialog box: "You gotta restart now, dogg"  :haha:


Started up Sony Vegas 6.0, went to capture and (since I had nothing plugged into the card) it said preview is turned off in the video preview pane. YAY!!!! The thing here is that it didn't immediatly (in fact, it never did) say "Can't open Hauppaugue WinTV PVR PCI II because it is in use by another program or is turned off"..so that seems to have fixed the problem...

Tho...I could still try and get a better card from my mom  :D:haha: :haha:

I'll grab out the camcorder @ some point and test it...life is kinda really busy atm, school started today (I'm a Sophmore in h.s.) and being as I'm in IB it's even more hectic, even in the first few days, and there's only more to come. Everyone wish me luck in pre-cal please :-)

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