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HELP ME!!!! Microsoft is Evil!


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Here is my problem...    :cry:

I installed x64 a little over a week ago...I activated it.  :bs:

All worked fine...Then I rebooted one day.

The only thing that I can see that was different, was that my backup HD was turned off(firewire HD), because I am tryiing to keep our electric bill under $800(  :angry5: LIPA). 

So, wouldn't you know it...Microsoft, being the geniuses that they are, decide my computer has changed so drastically, that I need to re-activate it..Ok, fine...BUT! My key has been activated too many times..WTF..  :cussing:

I bought it like 2 days before I installed it, and activated it ONE FREAKIN TIME!!!!  :angry5:

At this point I am pissed, but not boiling just yet..(wait)...

So now I call their phone activation bs, and go through the hoops for my master Microsoft...They actually DON'T disconnect my call like they do 1/2 the time, and I finally get to a person who barely speaks what I believe to be english.  He makes me read the entire installation ID number over again, and after all that says my installation ID is invalid  :angry5: ...OK, the steam has begun to come out my ears at this point..

He points me to the change product key button, and has me enter my Product Key( at this point I began being sarcastic, and told him I would fax him a picture with me holding my disk, and my pc tower with the Certificate of Authenticity sticker showing)..He didn't seem to get the humor, and even after entering my Product Key again, the installation ID is still coming up invalid..  :angry2:

Well he transfers me to someone who is supposed to know what to do..... :haha: Sure......

Well blah, blah, blah, blah, comes out of Microsofts mouth, and I am read every piece of paper the lady has in front of her..One stating that x64 is not for sale...I told her to visit TigerDirect.com, and tell them that(since that is where I bought it..and again, I stated I could fax a picture of the me holding the receipt as well as the pc with the COA sticker..again she didn't seem amused  :shrug: ).

Well we go back and forth, as I increasingly get aggravated.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I am unable to log into windows right now..Yeah, I put off calling Microsoft..But, in the past, I have never had a problem calling, just took a while, and is a pain in the rear.

Of course this time, I DO have a problem, and now I can only get in safe mode(BF2 don't run in safe mode  :cry: ).

How am I here? LOL, I clicked a weblink inside the activation window after you attempt to do it via internet, and it does not work, it brings you to a microsoft site via ie...So I just came here and figured I would see how to fix this...

I have no taskbar, icons, desktop....NOTHING!

Back to the geniuses at Microsoft...Well, it seems x64 is not supported..  :haha: Well f!@$ me then...Support is being able to activate a product you buy?????  I'm not asking them to fix the driver and software issues I have.  Nor have I ever asked them for a damn thing.  All I want is to be able to activate a product I own and can prove that I own.

Well, I am told that Microsoft will call me within 24 hours..(oh she took my email address too, like that will help in the least bit since if I hadn't found this little loophole, I couldn't have accessed the internet anyway).

Now what happens if I actually happen to be out of my house?  Does this mean I have to go through all the hoops again, call them up, and then have them tell me they will call me back in 24 hours?

Where does the madness end.  Do cops ask me for my title everytime I am pulled over, to make sure I own it? WTF is going on?

Sorry I am ranting, but I am rather pissed off, and I was planning on doing research for classes today, and now I am locked out of my own computer...Mommy and Daddy Microsoft won't let me in...

So I sit here waiting for a call from Microsoft.....Yup exactly what I want to be doing right now, waiting for them to call... :thefinger:

Does anyone know how the hell I can get around this?

If anyone has any ideas, can you please pm me.

:booty:Hey Microcrap.... Kiss my @ss :booty:

PS:   :flipa:

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microsoft support and get them to fix it...

The bold words don't go together very well...

I've already gone through the phone support, which tells me x64 is unsupported...Which I guess means I can't activate it until they call me back at a time that I am home.  :shrug: Seems like a bunch of crap to me. :-|

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i dont think the case here is that microsoft doesnt support x64 - the problem is that if its an OEM product, I think they do not give fee support for it

either way, if its regarding a cd key not working, they should help you

edit: i am sure they do not give support for OEM products...

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Yeah it's OEM, but activation should not be a support issue...

My windows runs fine, if I could access it..

And now I have to wait around for them to call if I want to be able to use my computer...With OEM, they call you with support issues, but I don't understand how activation fits into "support"...Seems to me they made it so you buy something from them, that you cannot use..Or at least that is how it is turning out to be.

I'm probably going to wind up formatting and reinstalling, so I can get 3 days to figure out wtf is going on.

I'm surely not waiting till monday to access my computer.

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you are absolutely right...activation is not a support issue - they should help you no matter what - but if you cannot access your windows, something must have gone wrong.....why not resintall it again ?

If you don't activate windows, after 3 days, it will not let you log in.  My windows works fine, and there is no problem with my install.  But, the activation crap is locking me out of my install.  You can try to log in, but it instantly logs you out.

I would just reinstall windows, but then I also have to install all my software and all my games.  I'm not really in the mood to do what I just did less than a week ago for no reason other than the fact that Microsoft for some reason thinks my hardware has changed...Which it hasn't..

Right now, I am working with 64bit IE(which flash/java don't work in), throught the activation window...I have no access to anything in my pc..No start button, no desktop icon, no taskbar...Just an activation window and this IE window that does not play flash or Java.

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THAT was a funny post.  :haha: :haha: :haha: I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Anyway I think I can help. Let me look and PM you.

Thanks Shug....I figured someone would relate to that...I wonder why I legally purchase stuff..  :shrug:

I'm gettin the feeling they aren't going to call me today..  :angry3:

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Guess the lesson is to check if the stuff were gonna buy is supported before we COP them[glow=red,2,300][/glow]...lol


It's supported, I have a 64 bit system, with a 64 bit processor, and all my 64 bit drivers.  The problem is not with my system supporting it...I don't need support to run my windows/programs/games...

I PURCHASED THE COPY LEGALLY.  The problem is with Microsoft's Activation.  If they can't activate it properly, then they shouldn't sell it.  I shouldn't have to contact support to activate the product.  What a scam that would be....Sell OEM copies, then charge them to activate it... :icon_scratch:

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By the way, that is some electric bill.  :icon_shaking:

It was a biggest one we have ever had...It was for 45 days(their billing techniques I still don't understand)...During which we had that nice heatwave, and another fuel surcharge increase.

I thought at first it was a typo... But unfortunately, it was correct.. :roll:

And Tommie, I bought it from TigerDirect, and it was a sealed OEM copy...If I have any more problems with it, I will contact them as well...I have dealt with them for a long time, and never had any problems...I place it on Microcrap.

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