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You have a stick of PC100 ram in there... that's why it's running at a lower speed...

I didn't notice that. Good eye PHP. :icon_thumleft:

The memory stick in Slot 1 is crippling the stick in Slot 2 forcing it to run at PC100.

Slot 1 : 256MB (PC100)

Slot 1 Manufacturer : Hyundai Electronics

Slot 2 : 256MB (PC133)

Slot 2 Manufacturer : Noname

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But won't it slow down the fsb, therefore in turn slowing down cpu clock?

I supposed if you could increase the multiplier, you could go back up to ~866, but I'm not sure if the memory will handle it.

Exactly true Voltageman. :) The memory is hindering the FSB and affecting the CPU. Increasing the multiplier or FSB will get the system back to 866MHz, but the memory won't stand a chance. :(

Speaking from my experience with older CPU's in combination with a motherboard which doesn't allow you to modify the FSB/Multiplier values, the RAM sticks has always done it for me.

The PC100 stick of RAM is causing the system to run at 100 x 6.5 = 650MHz. In this situation it's  99.38 x 6.5 = 645.97MHz (645.99MHz on Tim's board).

As Basic stated,

If the bios does not support setting the CPU clock speed then you have to use the jumpers on the mobo.

I've played around with a memory jumper before, and it was located between the PCI slots. It could even be close to the DIMM sockets.

Once Tim gets the system to accept two PC133 sticks of RAM, the motherboard will automatically clock the FSB accordingly which, in turn, will allow the CPU to operate at a frequency of 133 x 6.5 = 864.5MHz (possibly 133.3 x 6.5 = 866.45MHz on Tim's board).

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I found this site at Intel and it sounds like there is a Bios update for this board that may help recognize that CPU.

Also it says something about the memory when using 256MB should be 128Bit architecture, or something like that.

Might want to kick around that site and see what you can find.

Hope this helps... ;)


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