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Im not plugging ^_^


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I just wanted to get all of your oppinion on a site me and my frriend made. With a little help from Dlewis23 and some time i think it came out pretty nice. Its still buggy and stuff because its new but im working on most of the bugs.


also im not too sure if im even allowed to post a website here so if im not let me know ill edit it and it can be closed.  :D

Just wanna add once again im not plugging i just want to see if you all like it =)

Edit: i know the site statistics look tacky but i havent had the time to take em off.

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OK Ryan, first off I don't see testmy linked or SS, so you get the first  :icon_scratch: for that LOL :haha:

second: love the colors man, it's real pretty ;)

I never was one who liked the shoutbox feature - it will keep people intrigued sure, but you want them to post more on the forums so the info is easily accessed (just MY opinion).

Other than that I can't really give you an opinion, because I do not game regularly anymore.

Best of luck to you though. *hugs* :)

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Thanks for the lovely comment water  :D

also i wanted ca3les permission before i linked him as a sponsor and such. Ill pm him =)

PM him all day and night - but as long as your site isn't linked to anything illegal, he won't have a problem with links :) I made a testmy button just for stuff like this and you can find it in my sig, if you want the code lemme know. advertisements ARE word of mouth :) yeah - i answer my PM's every day ;)

But right now I am off to bed, your site LOOKS great though, again I'm no longer a gamer :)

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Ya me and my friend have a extrremely fast growing clan in a game called Knight Online so we felt the need for a clan website ^_^.

Oncee again alot of the credit goes to dlewis for helping me out a ton.,

Hes on his honeymoon right now so he wont see this  :D

and ya water if you want send me over that code.. ill still wait for a reply from CA3LE tho  :D

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