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My computer has been in high PF Usage This is normal? Also everytime i open a lot of programs it tells me that me virtual memory is low. What are the the sizes i should put them in?

Here is a pic of what my PF usage is after i start it up


Hi ice51, How long had the computer been running since last reboot/startup ?

try rebooting then go straight to task mamager , and check again , I never seen a pf useage  of 1 .87 Gb, before , its normaly around 250-300Mb ,

I see you have 35 processes runing which is about right , The page file is normaly around 3x Ram, in your case 1.5Gb should be ample ,

I think you have a memory leak in a program you are running ,

next time it happens check mem. usage in task manager >processes ,> look down the list and try to find the one using bucket full's of memory

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Ok after i rebooted my PF usage is at 850

i changed it to 768 minimum and max is 4082

It is starting to run a lot smoother

Ok , I take it you  rebooted and went straight to task manager  without starting any programs ?  if so that that 850 is still way high , , have you recently added a firewall/antivirus , or a new program that runs at start up ?

for Xp  you have enough memory , just adding more pf space is masking the problem ,

when did you first notice this problem ,  I have seen high use on those levels with Sygate firewall 6 and zone alarm before ,

sure slows the computer almost to a standstill ,

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ok i found the problem it was me SBC yahoo Anti-virus/Anti-Spyware it wasnt my Zone Alarm

When i closed it i saw a big drop from 800 to 250

So should i remove it and install it again?

Great news , looks like you found the culprit  :thumbsup:

well you could do that , as you must have an  antivirus on , but my feeling is that it will do it again , but hope not ,  but at least you will know the cause ,

BTW Grisoft AVG free is a good antivirus  :wink2:

sorry cant be more helpfull on the SBC yahoo Anti-virus/Anti-Spyware. never used it ,

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Wow - 550 MB for the process?

I would check for newer versions of the software first.

If you have no luck there, I use AVG free and Windows Defender, also free, for a total of 30MB or so memory usage.

Also, post a screen shot of the processes page (my example is below), I am curious.

Be sure not to post your full name (like I just did b4 I realized it, fixed now).

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I been using AVG antivirus & their new anti spyware program. Both seen to work good.

avg anti-spyware(ewido)  missed Zbot , spybot search and destroy didn't ! :thumbsup: on a puter I was sorting out ,

My list of anti-malware progs

AVG antivirus

sygate 5.5 firewall (not ver.6 known to be bugy )


spybot s&d


c-cleaner to tidy up ,

and thanks to coknuck ,an  Hi-Jack this check up  ,

well, all free , and have kept me out of trouble (so far  :angel:)

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That my weak point. I use windows firewall on my gaming computer  so the speed say up .On my every day computer has  windows Vista on it now ,I am use the firewall in vista. When vista run out I will put  Ubuntu Linux back on that computer. My sig is my gaming computer.

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The every day machine was build when the motherboard in the gaming machine crashed and I had to Rma it twice.  The second time ASUS gave me a replacement board. The every day machine was build from parts I had already,plus a low price motherboard /video card/ case, total cost of new parts was 300.00 dollars.

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