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This may seems silly... But i would love some help from the experts!!!


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Right here i go...

I want to get myself a copy of Windows 3.1nt.

You may say why oh why. But I have a good reason for this.

I have learned that this is actually a 32-bit OS so what I want to do (if you see where I'm going) is get this version of windows on a spare computer and Pimp the hell out of it, virus protection, usb drivers, basically all the stuff i need for a normal person to have going on in XP. You know the basic set of services like I have running now (ooh 19 :))

So basically I want windows 3.1nt to run Broadband, USB devices and be cool again.

I need to know if any of this is actually possible.

Or I'm sure you legendary techies at testmy.net would be intrigued to see if it works you'll steal my idea :( i don't mind.

But I feel like it would be an absolute beast in terms of speed and performance as its size is pathetic and uses hardly any resources to be honest.

If you can help me with your advice or any sites you know that have done or are doing this could you let me know please??

Thanks Matt. :):)

Merry Christmas :smiley:

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So it is an absolute lost cause then??

DAMN  :sad3:

Oh well. I will try my other idea then.

How about Ubuntu?? Will it accept wireless internet and be able to run all of my stuff?

By this I mean is it quite easy to setup? Just pop in CD wipe the dark side off the HDD and BLAM its running?? I know I need certain drivers but am still a Virgin in knowing which ones I need.

Let me know please.


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