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1 house : 2 cable modems?

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Hey has anyone successfully gotten Comcast to install an extra cable modem on your house?  I just moved into a house with another guy with a Comcast internet subscription and I'm trying to get Comcast to transfer my account on the same house with another modem installed on my room.  Ive called them once they said they could do it and it would take a week to recreate an account or whatever and they would call back in a week.  A week passed and no call.  I tried calling again on the 17th and this time she kept me on hold for about 20 minutes while she "builds" the account and then told me she'll call me in 3-5 work days.  and so I wait yet again.  Just wondering if anyone has done this successfully or are they just feeding be BS.

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A classmate in my Cisco CCNA1-4 classes had one set up to begin with, and his wife started working at this new company and they required her to bring a company laptop home and use VoIP, so the company bought a wireless router and a cable modem, and got it set up in addition to the already-existent one.

The second one never gets used, so he put Server 2003 on a basically useless rig with three NICs in it, the first two were connected to the two routers, bridged those together to make 16/1.5 effectively, and the third went to a switch that fed the rest of the house.  He said it's pretty sweet.

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If all else fails, create a second address at the house. Screw a mailbox on the house and give it 202 1/2. Really that is all there is to adding an address. Now that does not include legal description. But they will then have an address to send it to. And not a damn thing they can do about it either. In fact you will recieve mail in it. Junk mail should not take long either. As soon as a computer picks it up.  :2funny: This is the truth. Check with a postal carrier.  :wink:

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