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Sow How Do You Tell??


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99.999% of the time an upgrade is not worth it these days.  It's much cheaper and will yield better results in getting a newer system, rather than upgrading an old one.  The only real exception to this rule is RAM.  If you're using an old computer and just flat out cannot afford a new one, your best bet to speed up the one you currently have is to put more RAM into it (these come in long slender sticks, called SIMMS or DIMMS, and are usually placed right next to the CPU on your computer - generally near the center of the motherboard).  You can buy more ram online or at stores like Staples, and it's usually reasonably cheap compared to other upgrades.

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Basically you just need to figure out your motherboard configuration. Once you know the chipset you will know what processors you can add. As far as ram, figure out what type of slot you have for your current ram and that will be about all you need to know. I will go in a lil more depth later if I can. Im on the dumper right now...I love wireless. :haha:

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