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Road Runner Download Speed Boost

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[glow=green,2,300]I have confirmation that the RR upgrade will be in effect as of January 31st for all RR customers. This will bump the basic RR from 3Mbs-5Mbs(375kbs-625kbs) but no change to the upload speed as of yet, I also have just found out the premium service will also be upgraded from 6Mbs to 8Mbs (750kbs-1000kbs) as with the basic service there will be no upload speed change. 5mbs/384kbs for 45 bucks is a very reasonable price for broadband, and those looking for a little more speed should get the premium service because 8mbs/512kbs for 69.95 is a great deal. Just thought I'd give you all an update on the RR upgrade situation, because up until now I had no idea the premium service would be upgraded, and the time warner rep I spoke with said the upload speeds would be upgraded soon.[/glow]

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Does uploading hurt a cable company's lines moreso than download?  Because, when I upload at a high rate, my maximum download goes down.  But, downloading doesn't really affect my upload.  Or is this just the way they set it up?

when you upload at full speed, your latency increase and if you start downloading, its hard for you to send acknowledge packets to the sender that you received the packet

i suggest you download netlimiter, and set your maximal upload speed to 90% of your cap


then your download will speed up abit, but Cable is also half duplex and that means you cant send and receive at the very same time.

VanBuren :)

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RR should be 5/1.5.........or even 5/768 id be happy...........40k/second upload isnt shit anymore.......

lol nah.  768 up isnt realy all that great anymore either...  80 kb/s up ?  I think that 1 or 2 up would be much better because you transfer things to people and places at high rates , meaning that itnwould take MUCH less time, meaning you wouldnt need to use the upload for a long period of time like we do now with 40 kbs :rolleyes:

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bro....lol im being reasonable here...........do you know how much bandwidth is for a company? not cheap........

neawys.....it owuld be nice........but im not greedy (unlike someone else!!!) lol...........

hell even 512 would be an improvment but not enuff..........i say 5/768 and if your greedy 5/2 but then they would have to lower the price to compete with Verizon FIOS.......which is never gonna happen........just my thoughts........bitch :angry5: :angry5:

Bandwidth isnt that expensive at all. Not for the companies. Look at verizon, and look at non-us ISP's. In japan 25 million homes will be equiped with full 100/100 connections by the end of 2005. Bandwidth is not expensive, ISP's are greedy.  2/2 3/3 isnt shit for the isp. Thats a 1/10th of what business's use.

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