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News, So bizarre !


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Maybe  that is why serving time  is called doing bird ,

This morning's reports say the budgie is believed to have been smuggled into the prison by a female visitor who concealed the bird internally in her body.



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There's just something about chasing it out of the "bird bath" to take a crap that don't seem right.. :idiot2:[nerdly]

:2funny: :2funny:

there's just somethin about chasin your roomie out to do nothing more than take a crap next to his face. lol

:2funny: :2funny:

a well known prison saying ,

'a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'  :shock:................ :2funny:

I think that saying was made up from 2 dudes in a 9x6 room together too long  :evil6: :evil6:
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