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B17...poison or a cure - what do you think


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In 1950, Dr. Ernest T. Krebs, Jr. discovered the vitamin called B-17. His research on it, showed that it attacks cancers cells, and can be used as a very effective cancer treatment. Opposition to B-17 was ignited, however. This is because B-17 contains cyanide; a known poison. Krebs went on to show that the cyanide in B-17 is not harmful to us, because of it's molecular structure. To further prove his point, he injected a generous amount of B-17 into his own arm. He showed no ill effects whatsoever

( ...source: http://myblessedhome.blogspot.com/2006/04/cure-to-cancer.html )

I've been researching this for a while now.  The possible reasons for the ban of B17 on the basis that it contains cyanide, which is a poison.  Exposure to high levels of cyanide harms the brain/heart - but its all around us.  Lots of fruit/vegetables contain B17 vitamin......There have been numerous case studies about this amazing vitamin - people have been known to be cured of cancer by taking in large amounts of B17 on daily basis.....You cannot really buy it, at least not here in U.S. (...legally lol), but you can get it in other forms

what do you think ?

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I am keeping an open mind on this , a friend went to Mexico to obtain this treatment

using high doses of apricot kernels , it didn't save her , but for some it works , I guess there are too many variables in this treatment and not enough research taking place , but I feel it should not be dismissed out of hand , so many medicines are based on natural remedies to ignore ,


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This topic gets me a bit wound up. Lets face it the drug company's have a BIG hand in what is allowed on the market and what is not.

If someone is near the end of there life. Then why not. Let them try it or try other methods. Something they think will work. If they believe enough it just may help.

The lack of common sense and decency just bums me out. Don't smoke grass to help with after affects of kemo. Its addictive. Hey instead lets put oxycotton on the market instead. It 10 times more expensive, Its almost pure heroin. There are countless other drugs on the market that can lead to abuse and addiction. Thats ok. Long as the drug companies make the cash. God forbid you can grow it yourself to alleviate pain. That is just wrong. I guess to work in government, you MUST not have common sense. The drug companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

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