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20 Steps to Make SmartBro Faster

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real speed shows... did the test again, the results are the ff:

(direct connection and auto-detect)

100+ Kbps

(with proxies)

300+ Kbps.

oh well, vey inconsistent... When would i get a stable 400+ or even a 350+ speed? I feel that im not getting what im paying for...

remember that smartbro is wifi, which is the main reason for fluctuating speeds.(it is also their main alibi for crappy connection)

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you're not making me envious, are you? :shocked:

(hindi ka naman nang-iinggit nyan?)

He He He! Well before I was so desperate having a 220-250kbps, After following the 20 steps My world changed!  :2funny: And i owe it to yah guys for helping us fellow smartBro users to keep up the pace! Well I guess I was very lucky to find the 2 right settings for me along with your other insights on the tweaking stuff, updating things and most importantly CLEANING! He He He!  :smiley:

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Guyz can you please explain to me the meaning of factor/scale of 4 or 8 when tweaking?though im using gourame's css setting,i'm not really satisfied with my speed stability eventhough it can be a base station problem...But i think,somehow tweaking can play a big role on speed stability just like @Sira's post on her 2 cablenut settings she used and eventhough it's not peak time she always get a very impressive connection of 500-600 kbps...May i know @Sira ur location and distance to the base station....Ty

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