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Downloading from One-Click File Sharing Sites


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Hey guys,

Have you experienced downloading from a file sharing site and told you that you are already downloading something but you really not? Because of the fact that these file sharing sites e.g. Rapidshare.com, Megaupload.com have a security feature that you can only download one file at a time.. And you have to be a premium user to be able to go through that..

Correct me if im wrong, but our IP adresses are dynamic right? But why is it that when i go to whatismyip.com it says xxx.xxx.xxx.x? i mean, to further illustrate it...

X- is my ip on my local area connection

Y- is my REAL Connection(Based on the cust service rep, it is the ip add of the basestation..

So, X is not equal to Y..

I've also tried using Hide Ip Platinum and IP hider which are privacy softwares for changing ip adds for security reason..

Hope to hear from you guys!!

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does you mean


cause u didnt put any YY in there at all

i think the problem you have is maybe smart bro uses an external ip address and u sit behind a proxy and therefore any one using that proxy if they download from rapid share when u go download a file which you have not downloaded it says u cant download because some one is downloading with that ip

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@ just-

Tnx for the reply! But what i mean with the X's and Y's is,

IP add "X" is not the same as IP add "Y"..

I guess that's the problem, how can i confirm if Smart Bro has an external ip address?

And can Hide IP Platinum and other anonymity programs help me with this problem? Or even some proxy switching programs?

Also check out the attached file, it is a screenie of my Rapidshare problem when downloading files..

Tnx Man!!


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this program will not help you

ultimately your request has a return ip address

when this website check the return ip address for your data they will check how many request have been made from this ip

not sure how u can go about checking if ur ip uses proxy's or shared ips

maybe best if a smart bro user knows about this

what is ur ip address in the proprieties of your network connection

and what is your ip address wen u go to www.whatismyip.com

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I think Smartrbro uses the stupid WAN property... wherein all of us smartbro users on each base station (ap) is linked via an ip address... meaning we're just like in a computer shop sharing one connection.  That's why when you download and another smartbro subscriber coming from the same vicinity as you are is already DL'ing a file, you can't access anymore.  :tickedoff:

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