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New way to access ur CANOPY Web Page (SMART BRO-ken)


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    dont post ur IP and info. try 10.xx.xx.xx as an example of an IP dont use ur's for safety measures

    by the way wer u from? iwe have the same gateway too like frostbound


    yup he just showd it but the wrong thing ther is he put his own ip

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hey i just thought of this. if it is true that we don't have our own ip, then it will be very hard to track our actions in the web. for example, if we do some wiki vandalism like that person from fox network, we won't get caught the same way he was. (his ip was traced back to fox).

hmmmm maybe not bcoz smart can block our net and for that we have a

unique I.D from them and by that we can be caught

yep that's my canopy ip address  :grin2: oh ok i'll just edit my post  :cheesy:

ok bro, by the way nice speed ther!

looks like tamie77 has enrolled in my 600+ club  :welcome::occasion14:

hehehe im enrolled at 600+ ei guys wanna join!  :haha: :haha: :haha: :haha:

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what? are your crazy? man don't ever do that!  :evil6:

coolbuster is the idol of the smart tweaker hehehhehe

i just edited the pic its not my real canopy ip  :lol:


please edit your post posting my canopy address, i might get hacked!  :lol:

gud for u they ant access it as long as u dont have the same base station

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seems i cant get over 400+ coz when i evaluate aps the only ap that has jitter 1 rssi over 400 is only one and im currently using it, too bad well at least i have my speed of 384+  :grin2: seems my area has less APs so for now i have to wait for my basestation to be upgraded  :grin2:

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congratulations snip07!

now ur enjoyng ur smart-bro-ken 7x faster(slower) than dial up!

:haha: :haha:

Yeah still smart broken speed  :lol:

hey, that's the same with me. my current ap has 3 jitter, 900+ rssi. can't switch to others too,that's the best one on the list.

oh! then we have to :uzi: Smart bro-ken


i tried it out of curiousity...just can't access your Canopy from my point.  :thumbsup:

ok! that was a close one  :grin2:


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