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for all of you that grew up with nintendo


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yea i do to i actually had my xbox got a mod well when the guy sent it back to me he put a bigger HD in it so on my xbox i have all the halo 1 and 2 mutiplayer files, fusion frenzy, a bunch of pictures, my xbox boots up like a 360, and i have the nintendo, super nintendo, and sega genesis emulators all of this i have on my HD

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I still have two working NES consoles & no problems .I have never had any of the games stop working even Duck Hunt/Super Mario that came with the console.I have had one console stop working guess I wore it out.I have had to replace the controllers & need to again.I think when the adrenalin gets pumping I'm almost pushing the control buttons through the back.

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tommie gorman I have a cleaner that inserts like a cartridge this cleans the contacts in the unit.I also keep my cartridges boxed when not being used so they stay cleaner.Sometimes you need to clean a specific cartridges contacts specially if your kids have filled it with PB&J  :wink2:

Yeah, I have that cartridge thing too.  :wink2:

What PBJ????   :-P My girls?  :haha:

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