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Computer Problem


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Hi All :lol:

I ran into this problem and don't know what to do.....tried everything I could think of. :uglystupid2:

The problem is that I was playing Far Cry on my PC...when all of a sudden the game crashed and wouldn't play anymore. So I restarted the game and tried playing it again and the weirdest thing happened. When I try to walk in the game I'd press W and start walking and never stop, I can't shoot or turn, it's like the key is stuck (but it's not, I've tried other keys) I reinstalled the game from scratch and as soon as it loads, the same thing happens...like there's a IRQ conflict all of a sudden. I tried updating my video drivers and changing the keyboard layout, doesn't work. Now when I try to play Ghost Recon, same thing happens, I press the button to walk and it just keeps walking, the interesting thing is that I can't even press escape to get out of the game, I have to wait until the character stops and then I can press other buttons or exit out of the game. No matter how many times I'd try to change settings, nothing works.

My PC:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4, 2800 MHz (14 x 200)



MEMORY: Corsair CMX512-3200C2 (2GB)

Plese let me know if more info needed..

THANKS! :cheesy:

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Hi guys,

Well I went to the store and got a brand new keyboard, plugged it in and....didn't work. Still have the same issue.

Another thing I forgot to point out is that when playing the games, it doesn't matter if I press the button to walk or go left or right, I can't shoot the gun or do anything else. It's like I can only do a single "action" at a time. Also, when I try to press any other buttons while it's stuck doing that single action, the computer starts beeping.

Any suggestions?

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if its beeping, thats the internal speaker saying "hey, your pushing too many buttons for me to figure out whatsup". like if you held down all of the buttons....  :idiot2:

anyways, you tried using a different slot to plug it in (i mean if its ps2 slot, try getting a usb one and seeing if it works.) dont go buying a new keyboard though. i mean thts a waste of money if it doesnt work. just a thought.

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if the keyboards you are using are ps2, are you using a ps2 mouse? does it work? can you get hold of a ps2 mouse to test it? it might be a dead ps2 controller. in that case borrow a usb keyboard from someone and see if it works. that might solve it.

(and if you can't borrow one most stores will have the ultra cheapo nonames for like 5 bucks or so.)

edit: try booting to a command prompt. see what the keyboard does there.

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Well when it's beeping like that, I'm only pushing 2 buttons in the game and that's to walk and shoot...so I don't think that's too many buttons that's regular as far as I'm aware, but the computer thinks that I'm pressing too many buttons...lol

The previous keyboard that I had was a PS/2. So I went and bought a cheap USB keyboard, and still the same thing is happening, so that's out of the question. I even tried different USB ports to see if that will fix the problem, it didn't. I'm thinking about re-installing the OS altogether....lol

What if I re set my CMOS? Will that clear anything?

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