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Speed Freak Jailed


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Jail for 172mph Porsche motorist

Timothy Brady was disqualified from driving with immediate effect

The fastest driver ever caught in a routine speed check in the UK has been sentenced to 10 weeks in jail. 


:lol: his only mistake was getting caught IMHO , he should have checked the road out first , a thing you have to do in the UK  with so many speed cameras and radar about  :wink2:,

edit for latest news,The bikers are fighting back ,

The footage appeared on the LiveLeak website under the title "176 MPH MotorBike Rider" with the caption, "A Yorkshire lad out for a spin opens her up slightly :)". :evil6:


the police havn't caught him  :evil6:

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i have no understanding for those people. they live in a place where the distance makes it a weekend outing with an overnight stay to head over to the nueburgring and drive on one of if not the most famous tracks in the world for a modest fee.


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:lol: modest fee maybe , but the cost to the average Brit would be 3 weeks wages ,

we have to make our own fun in our own back yard  :lol:

his mistake was , not using a motorway at night 2-3 Am ,and  not doing a recce run first ,+not waiting for all traffic to clear, then going for it ,  :lol: you meet some interesting folk and cars at that time of night  :evil6:known as the testers hour  :wink2:

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